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156.200 Marketing for Non-Marketers15 credits
An introduction to marketing management for students who do not intend to specialise in Marketing. The course is designed to develop an understanding of the marketing function and the application of marketing principles to the marketing of services, industrial and consumer goods, and not-for-profit organisations.
156.231 Strategic Marketing Management15 credits
A study of the decisions required to allocate and manage marketing resources in a competitive business environment.
156.232 Consumer Behaviour15 credits
A study of the theory and practice of changing consumer behaviour through marketing programmes. The course critically evaluates traditional cognitive models of consumer behaviour and alternative behaviourist approaches.
156.233 Marketing Research15 credits
A study of the collection, analysis and interpretation of marketing information for the purpose of managerial decision-making.
156.235 Social Media and Digital Marketing15 credits
A study of the impact, application and evaluation of new digital media marketing strategies and techniques.
156.237 Marketing Communication and Advertising15 credits
A study of advertising and other forms of marketing communication, including key theories of marketing communication, elements of the communication mix, and effective campaign design.
156.238 Marketing New Products15 credits
A study of new product and service development processes from a marketing perspective.
156.239 Sport Marketing15 credits
A practical application of marketing and sponsorship principles to the sport context.
156.333 Market Analysis15 credits
The application of quantitative methods to the analysis of market structure and brand competition.
156.334 Marketing Consultancy Project15 credits
A client driven marketing planning course that integrates marketing concepts and methods across the curriculum.
156.338 International Marketing15 credits
A critical examination of issues in international marketing and their relevance to business and society.
156.339 Omni-Channel Retail Marketing15 credits
A critical examination of marketing in an omni-channel retail environment.
156.340 Customer Intelligence15 credits
This course teaches methods to convert organisations' large data sets about customers, competitors, channel partners and their own activities into information for improved marketing decision making.
156.341 Branding15 credits
A critical examination of brands and issues in branding and their relevance to business and society.
156.342 Social Changes through Applied Marketing and Design Strategies15 credits
This course integrates social marketing theory and design practices to bring about desired change in a current social issue.
156.700 Essentials of Marketing30 credits
An introduction to the theory and practice of marketing. This course assumes no previous background in marketing.
156.742 Advanced Consumer Behaviour30 credits
A study of the changing nature of consumer behaviour in a dynamic environment. Cognitive models and modes of information processing are studied in relation to various aspects of marketing management. How the study of consumer behaviours is used by academics, practitioners and policy makers is explained.
156.743 Advanced Marketing Planning and Strategy30 credits
The focus is how firms use their limited resources to position their products or services to create a sustainable competitive advantage. The main goal of a marketing strategy is to create customer satisfaction so the "how" of marketing strategy, which is the marketing plans and planning, is addressed.
156.744 Advanced Marketing Research and Analysis30 credits
The focus is on the rationale for marketing research, the steps involved in marketing research and the type of methodologies used in qualitative and quantitative marketing research. Interpretation of results as well as analysis of data in marketing research is included.
156.755 Advanced Social Media and Mobile Marketing30 credits
A critical evaluation of the impact of the digital and mobile environment on all aspects of the practice of marketing.
156.756 Digital Marketing30 credits
A study of theories and practical applications of digital marketing tools.
156.757 Marketing Strategy30 credits
A study of theories and practical applications of marketing strategy across different contexts.
156.758 Advanced Social Marketing30 credits
A detailed examination of the relationship between social marketing, social policy, and ethical issues.
156.761 Customer Insights30 credits
A solid grounding in computerized approaches for obtaining insights on existing and potential customers. For existing customers, the link between marketing activities and customer lifetime value is assessed through the computer-based analysis of internal (within-organization) data on customer transactions and company records. To understand potential customers, external (outside-organisation) data (e.g., online data, census data) are collected through automated computer scripts and utilised to identify business opportunities. The course also covers computer-based techniques for segmenting customers.
156.762 Return on Marketing Investment30 credits
The development of computer skills for the empirical analysis of the return of marketing investments on sales and profits, for the purpose of supporting marketing decision making. The coverage includes a wide variety of econometric methods, statistical programming approaches, types of marketing investments, and the reporting of the results.
156.775 Theory and Models of Marketing30 credits
This course critically examines marketing theory and its application and aims to explain why the theory of knowledge is important to marketers and its implications for the study and practice of marketing and the evaluation of new ideas. It includes the study of consumer responses to marketing stimuli, using marketing models to measure, analyse and understand consumers.
156.776 Research Methods in Marketing30 credits
This is an advanced research methods course. It covers critical thinking in marketing research and provides an in depth understanding of qualitative, quantitative and mixed methods approaches to marketing research. It provides a detailed examination of research design, construct measurement, methods of data collection and methods for analysing data.
156.799 Research Report30 credits
156.800 MPhil Marketing120 credits
156.850 Thesis120 credits
The supervised undertaking of an original piece of research in marketing communication.
156.851 Thesis 120 Credit Part 160 credits
A supervised and guided independent study resulting in a published work.
156.852 Thesis 120 Credit Part 260 credits
A supervised and guided independent study resulting in a published work.
156.855 Master of Communication Research Project60 credits
An applied research project involving the critical evaluation and application of selected research methodologies to address communication-related challenges.
156.893 Research Report60 credits
Candidates are required to conduct a piece of independent research under supervision and to produce a report of the research for examination.
156.894 Professional Practice60 credits
Candidates will undertake professional practice within the subject area in which the Master of Management is being completed. Professional Practice may be conducted either individually or in groups and assessment of the outcome of the investigation may be in a variety of ways including written and oral presentations and case studies.
156.897 Thesis 120 Credit Part 160 credits
A supervised and guided independent study resulting in a published work.
156.898 Thesis 120 Credit Part 260 credits
A supervised and guided independent study resulting in a published work.
156.899 Thesis120 credits
A supervised and guided independent study resulting in a published work.
156.900 PhD Marketing120 credits

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