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Early Childhood Education

265.120 Principles of the Early Years Curriculum15 credits
The principles and practices of the New Zealand Early Childhood Curriculum and the junior years of the New Zealand Curriculum (essential learning areas, essential learning skills), including implementation through routines and programmes as well as the role of the adult in facilitating children's learning.
265.289 Learning and Development in the Early Years15 credits
A study of the dynamic, socially constructed learning and development of infants, toddlers and young children (birth to eight years old). Implications for working with young children in the early years and working in partnership with family/whanau are considered.
265.293 Studies in Infants and Toddlers15 credits
Study of content knowledge and the development of clear philosophy which is supportive of the learning and development of children from conception to age two, with an emphasis on ecological influences.
265.322 Perspectives in Early Years Education15 credits
A critical analysis of the development and theoretical basis of historical and contemporary early years education programmes, including early childhood, in New Zealand and overseas.
265.344 Issues in Early Childhood Education15 credits
An analysis of contemporary policies and issues in early childhood services in New Zealand and overseas and how these policies and issues are influenced by political, cultural and social forces.
265.374 Leadership in Early Childhood15 credits
An examination of issues in theory and practice in educational leadership in early childhood services in the Aotearoa/New Zealand context.
265.470 ECE Professional Inquiry and Practice 115 credits
Student teachers will explore and apply current curriculum, philosophy, pedagogy and practices of teaching in early childhood settings. The course will consist of both taught and practical experiences.
265.471 Learning and Development in Early Childhood Education Contexts15 credits
Children's learning and development is examined from a range of research and practice perspectives relevant for inclusive early childhood education contexts. The course will focus on early childhood curriculum, working in partnerships with families and whanau, creating high-quality early childhood environments, and promoting positive teacher-child interactions to support child learning and development.
265.472 Advanced Studies of Infants and Toddlers15 credits
This course fosters a critical examination of research and practice in early childhood education associated with the learning, development and care of infants and toddlers from conception to age two, with consideration of the critical role of early childhood teachers.
265.473 Integrating Early Childhood Curriculum: Mathematics and Literacy15 credits
A course exploring early childhood curriculum as an integrated process with a focus on the foundations of mathematics and literacy.
265.474 ECE Curriculum, Assessment, Planning & Evaluation15 credits
Study of the key principles and practices of early childhood curriculum, assessment planning and evaluation for coherence and continuity in young children's learning.
265.475 The Arts in Early Childhood Education15 credits
A study of the provision of arts education experiences for children in early childhood. The course will enable students to critically examine theories relating to arts education in early childhood and to apply this knowledge in a range of early childhood settings.
265.476 Curriculum and Teacher Inquiry in ECE15 credits
An individual, research-informed supervised teacher inquiry where students plan, undertake and report on an investigation with a group of children in order to refine teaching, planning, assessment and evaluation skills in the context of early childhood curriculum.
265.485 ECE Professional Inquiry and Practice 215 credits
Student teachers will develop and demonstrate competent and confident practices in current curriculum, philosophy, pedagogy and practices of teaching in early childhood settings. The course will consist of both taught and practical experiences.
265.736 Quality in Early Years Education30 credits
A critical study of research and theory which has shaped beliefs about quality in education from infancy through to early school years. Students are assisted to consider different viewpoints on quality and different approaches to quality assurance and management. Opportunity is provided for students to explore issues and implications for policy and professional practice.
265.737 Young Children and Their Families30 credits
This course provides a critical analysis of contemporary theory and research relating to young children and their families. The implications for working with young children and their families will be considered in relation to early education.
265.738 Children's Play and Learning in an Intentional Teaching Practice30 credits
This course examines the concepts of play and learning and the integration of these concepts with content knowledge in an intentional teaching practice with children from 0-8 years.
265.740 Advanced Studies on Learning in the Early Years30 credits
An advanced study of contemporary cognitive research and theory on young children's learning (birth to eight years of age). Considers implications for educational practice in early childhood centres and junior primary classes, including teaching strategies, curriculum implementation and culturally-responsive practice.

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