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Scholarships Committee Terms of Reference

1.0    Statement of Intent and Purpose

1.1    University Strategy

 The University’s teaching and learning strategy is to provide an exceptional, distinctive and high quality learning experience for all students.  Effective engagement of the University community in academic decision-making is an integral part of this strategy. 

To provide effective engagement of the University community in academic decision-making the role and function of the Scholarships Committee is to approve regulations relating to scholarships, bursaries and awards (hereinafter referred to as ‘scholarships’), to award scholarships and oversee their efficient and proper award by sub-committees, and to develop policies and procedures relating to scholarships, their funding, and the dissemination of advice around scholarships.

1.2 Legislative Authority

Academic Board is a Board established pursuant to Section 182(2) of the Education Act 1989.  The Academic Board may convene sub-committees to undertake specific duties on behalf of the Board.  For the avoidance of doubt, all sub-committees constituted by the Academic Board are hereby deemed to be Committees of Council appointed pursuant to Section 193 of the Education Act 1989.  All delegations by the Academic Board to its sub-committees are hereby deemed to be delegations by Council to its Committees. Those sub-committees may further delegate to staff. The Scholarships Committee is a subcommittee of Academic Board.

1.3  Specific Delegations

Council delegates the following powers to the Academic Board Scholarships Committee:

i. Approve regulations for all scholarships, bursaries and other awards offered in the name of Massey University;

ii. Award scholarships according to their terms and provisions;

iii. Establish sub-committees to award and/or make nominations for particular scholarships as required;

iv. Develop strategies for promoting scholarships in conjunction with Colleges and Assistant Vice-Chancellors;

v. Ensure the provision of information for staff and students;

vi. Assist and advise in the development of strategies to fund new scholarships and attract new donors;

vii. Advise Academic Board on matters relating to scholarships.

2.0 Membership

The membership of the Scholarships Committee shall be comprised as follows:

            i. A nominee from the Doctoral Research Committee.

            ii. A nominee to represent Māori from the office of the Assistant Vice Chancellor Māori, Pasifika and New Migrants.

            iii. A nominee to represent Pasifika from the office of the Assistant Vice Chancellor Māori, Pasifika and New Migrants.

            iv. One member appointed by each College

            v.  Up to two additional members who may be co-opted at the discretion of the Committee.

            vi Vice-Chancellor. (ex officio)

 Note: The normal term of office is 2 years, at the discretion of the Scholarships Committee this term may be extended. Members from Colleges may be re-appointed for one further term.

Administrative Support will be provided by the Scholarships Office.

The Student Association will be invited to nominate a representative to join the Scholarships Committee for one meeting a year where student matters will be discussed.       

The Campus Registrar’s Office may be approached to nominate a representative from Student Support Services at appropriate time

3.0 Chair of Scholarships Committee: Nominee of the Assistant Vice Chancellor Research, Academic and Enterprise

4.0 Meetings and other Protocols:

4.1. Meetings shall normally be held monthly from February through to December. In the event of the agenda not having sufficient business, the meeting may be cancelled.

4.2 The Chair may convene further meetings necessary for the efficient performance of the Committee.

4.3. A quorum of the Scholarships Committee shall comprise a minimum of four members.

5.0 Reporting to Academic Board

An Annual Report will be provided to the Academic Board.  This report will include: 

i.          A summary of all candidates who have received scholarships in the preceding year;

ii.         A list of Massey students successful in gaining national scholarships;

iii.        A summary of the financial value of undergraduate and postgraduate scholarships administered by Massey University;

iv.        New scholarships and their individual value; 

v.         Other information relevant to scholarships and related activities.

Interim reports may be provided at the request of Academic Board or as thought advisable by the Committee Chair.

6.0 Guardians of Funding

The Committee is entrusted with the awarding of funds in accordance with the wishes of  donors who have provided or provide for the provision of these scholarships

Award of Scholarships and Prizes

In April 1998 the Council delegated responsibility for the award of scholarships and bursaries to Academic Board which then empowered the Scholarships Committee to approve these awards. All scholarships and bursaries awarded are included in the Annual Report presented by the Scholarships Committee to Academic Board for transmission to Council.

Scholarships and Bursaries

Recommendations for the award of scholarships and bursaries administered by the University shall be referred to the Scholarships Committee, through the Scholarships Office. Once the recommendations have been approved, the Scholarships Office shall be responsible for advising the recipient and arranging payment of the award.


The Scholarships Office do not have responsibility for the award of prizes. Recommendations for the award of prizes are administered by the individual Colleges.


Most scholarships administered by Massey University may be held with other awards, although students should check the regulations of each award.

General Information

It is the applicant's responsibility, unless specifically asked to do otherwise, to contact their referees and ask them to send their references  preferably as pdf to the Scholarships Office scholarships@massey.ac.nz . If the referee's report is to be attached to the application, the referee should enclose it in a sealed envelope.

Remember that the selection committee members may have a large number of applications to read and they will not be impressed with illegible handwriting or poorly presented applications.


The names of the winners of scholarships, bursaries and prizes are published annually in the Graduation Handbook.

Massey University Scholarships Committee, 2018

Nominee of AVC: Chairperson Associate Professor Tracy Riley

Secretary/Scholarship Coordinators: Dianne Attwood / Nicola Carse
College of Creative Arts: Professor Tony Parker
College of Humanities & Social Sciences: Professor Glenda Anthony
College of Business: Dr Nives Botica-Redmayne
College of Sciences: Dr Chris Tuffley
College of Health: Professor Marlena Kruger
Nominee Assistant Vice-Chancellor (Maori and Pasifika): Sharon Henare
Director Pasifika: Fine Kolomatangi
DRC representative: Professor Ian Fuller
Scholarships Team Leader:  Nicola Burton-Stroud

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