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Bachelor of Science (Data Science)

Key facts

  • Available at Auckland
  • Available for international students studying in NZ

Join the data revolution

Become a high-tech specialist and join this fast-paced, growing industry.

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What is it like?

Massey University’s Bachelor of Science (Data Science) will teach you how to make sense of complexities so others can easily understand them. You will learn how to apply computing to data-oriented challenges.

You may have an interest in commerce, government, natural and social sciences, or you may want to learn apply technology to drive innovation, decision-making and research in those fields. You may want to learn how to use programming to solve potentially world-changing issues.

A foundation in science

The Bachelor of Science gives you a broad science foundation.

You will be able to take advantage of Massey’s expertise across a broad range of sciences disciplines. If you are interested in natural and fundamental sciences, you can choose to complete a double major/minor combination including chemistry, biology, genetics or physics. These are also areas where computational and data processing skills are becoming increasingly important.

Similarly, you may choose data science with a minor from any of the offerings under business, health, creative arts or humanities and social sciences.

If you have a curious mind, are fascinated by data, enjoy the thrill of making discoveries and want to join a rapidly growing industry this qualification is for you.

A brand new job

Data scientist is one of the newest job descriptions in the Information and Communication Technology (ICT) sector. This degree will give you a solid background in the sciences with a focus on this growing industry.

You will learn how to solve real-world problems using data, in combination with cutting-edge computing technologies and analytical methods.

Join a growing industry

We are in the midst of a data deluge. Whether it is in the commercial world, social media, internet, sciences, healthcare or government, every sector is inundated with data. Big Data’ is the hot topic in almost every industry.

Hidden within all this information is knowledge. Businesses, governments and institutions are recognising that their future success and survival is increasingly dependent on their ability to transform their data into information, insights and novel data-products.

Earn more

A Ministry of Education report, undertaken over nine years, showed that those who complete a qualification in a science, technology, engineering or mathematics field of study have high relative earnings after they complete their study. Earnings can be substantially more than other graduates.

A good fit if you:

  • Want to be on the cutting-edge of technological discoveries and the big data movement
  • Think logically and analytically
  • Like uncovering hidden patterns, trends and associations in the world


A shortage waiting to be filled

Massey University’s Bachelor of Science (Data Science) will give you the skills to fill the rapidly growing number of jobs in the area of data science and analysis.

Data analysts are in high demand, according to Digital Skills for a Digital Nation, a 2017 New Zealand report. This is because:

  • Organisations are able to collect large amounts of data about their customers due to multiple devices being connected to the internet
  • Data analysts are needed to make sense of this data so that organisations can gain insights into their customers' needs and make sound business decisions.

Although the number of data analysts is increasing, there are still not enough to meet demand.

Great salaries

The average paying salary for a data scientist in the United States is $90,000 and over $100,000 for those with working experience. The skills you learn at Massey University and the qualification you will receive are recognised throughout the world and enable you to work in any industry or government sector.

A career with variety

Some examples of careers that could lead on from this qualification include:

  • Data science engineer
  • Business analytics consultant
  • Data-product entrepreneur
  • Banking fraud detection analyst
  • Machine learning specialist
  • Government researcher
  • Government communications and security analyst
  • Customer insight analyst
  • Data management architect
  • Text mining analyst
  • Software developer
  • Scientific researcher

Industry endorsements

“One of the four megatrends that will shape our industry over the next decade is big data. Data is the new currency and being able to draw insight from data and predict outcomes will be the new business advantage. I am excited to see that Massey is introducing a degree in Data Science and am encouraged to see how quickly they are responding to transformation in our industry.”

Nigel Parker, Director, Developer Experience, Microsoft NZ

“SAS strongly supports the proposal by Massey University to add a major and minor in data science to their academic qualifications as part of the BInfSc degree program. These papers will contribute directly not only to creating a robust and cohesive program of study for NZ graduates, but they will also make a lasting impact on the looming analytical skills shortage we face globally.”

Geoff Beynon, Executive General Manager, SAS Institute (NZ) Ltd

“It’s great to see that Massey University has acknowledged the role that data has within an organisation. Turning data into information to support critical business decisions and to help build competitive advantage is clearly the way in which organisations need to head. I’m impressed that Massey has recognised this and can provide a degree to fill the gap that I encounter in the resource market on a regular basis.”

Jared Smith, Enterprise Information Manager, Auckland Transport

“If you want to work at what Harvard Business Review calls ‘The Sexiest Job of the 21st Century’, then study Data Science at Massey and apply to Datamine, where we use high end data analytics to solve business problems every day.”

Dr. John Graves, Data Scientist, Datamine

"The future of health delivery is Precision Medicine and personalised healthcare: bringing together all sources of health and social information to tailor care to each individual, while delivering better decision making, health outcomes and efficiencies for providers and communities.

Data Science provides the tools and insights for us to create these future solutions, and we commend Massey on building a degree that prepares graduates to make a tangible contribution in our industry."

Tim Whittington - Vice President: Data & Analytics,Orion Health

“Big data is unlocking a whole new world for businesses by shaping a better understanding of our most valuable commodity - our customers. Those that understand it, make meaning of it and evolve the field of big data further will be the game-changers of the future. We commend Massey University for having the foresight to develop such a valuable course in Data Science which will see graduates play a vital role in the evolving businesses of the future.”

Matt Hobbs, Head of Business Development and Partnerships, Two Degrees Mobile Limited

"Being a leading New Zealand-based big data and data warehousing company, and the global pioneer in data warehouse automation software, WhereScape is excited to see Massey University offer a qualification specialising in data science. This qualification will create significant opportunities for the graduates to build their knowledge and skills working with cutting edge software automation technology, in a dynamic and fast growing industry."

Stephen Dickens, Director of Professional Services New Zealand, WhereScape

“Data is the digital life blood for any organisation that wishes to understand its customers and communities better. The future success of business and industry will be dependent on its capability to unlock  the knowledge and insights that data brings. Congratulations to Massey University for embracing the future and supporting NZ business.  By creating this degree Massey has established itself at the forefront of valuing the science behind data analytics.”

Ashton Kwan, Senior Manager Business Information, Finance, Westpac

EROAD has endorsed this degree. EROAD provide an automated solution for Road User Charge purchase and management.

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