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Bachelor of Business

Key facts

  • Available at Auckland
  • Available at Manawatū
  • Available via Distance Learning
  • Equivalent to 3 years of full-time study
  • Availability for international students varies. Refer to the major / endorsement web pages for details.

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Details you need to know about the structure, courses and requirements for this programme.

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Entry requirements

To enrol in the BBus degree you must have an entrance to university qualification, either through Bursaries and Scholarship Examinations, NCEA, New Zealand University Entrance, Admission with Equivalent Status, Discretionary Entrance or Adult Admission.

English and Maths are desirable school subjects. A school background in Accounting and Economics is useful but not essential.

Exemptions on the basis of high NCEA Level 3 marks are available in Statistics, Accounting and Economics.

Students who have achieved 24 credits at NCEA Level 3 with an Average of Merit and have a high overall achievement, or have a scholarship in the relevant subject(s), may be eligible to be exempt from taking the following core courses: 115.112 Accounting for Business, 115.113 Economics of Business. Students who think they are in this category, can apply for an exemption by contacting Student Advice and Information. Please note that students will need to take another course in place of any exemptions granted and even if eligible, we would not advise applying for more than two exemptions.

For general entry requirements see Massey University entry requirements.

Credits and prior learning

You may be eligible for cross-credits from other approved tertiary courses completed (Massey University or otherwise).

For example:

  • Up to 120 credits can be given for a completed three-year qualification from an approved tertiary institution depending on your year of regulations and chosen major. Where possible, Core courses are normally given as credit, followed by business or non-business elective credits.

Transfer of Credit

For transfer of credit from an abandoned, incomplete tertiary qualification (Massey University or otherwise), up to 255 credits can be given if an appropriate fit is found.

How do I apply for Cross-credit/Credit?

Students can apply for credit via their Student Homepage.


Some students may be exempted from first year courses because of excellent school performance or because they have already obtained some suitable qualifications (eg at a polytechnic). If a student has been exempted a course (or courses), that student will have to study another in its place, and still must pass 360 credits.


The Bachelor of Business (BBus) structure changed in 2017. Students enrolled in the BBus in 2016 or earlier transferred to the 2017 regulations but were allowed course substitution beyond the normal limits to prevent any disadvantage. Students who need more information about how the changes affect them should talk to our student advice staff at or 0800 MASSEY (0800 627 739).

Planning your programme

Completing the minimum 360 credits needed for the BBus degree will normally take you three years of full-time study. Students who intend to study part-time will manage their study over a longer time frame but not exceeding eight years.

You need to choose a major when you begin your BBus studies. However do not be concerned about this, as you may change your major if you identify a new direction or interest during the first year. Some students know what they will major in when they begin BBus studies, while others prefer to keep their options open. If you are not sure you should include the six core 100-level courses in Year One, this will ensure you have more choice later on.

The BBus core courses are;
115.111 Strategic Workplace Communication
115.112 Accounting for Business
115.113 Economics of Business
115.114 Finance Fundamentals
115.115 Management in Context
115.116 Introduction to Marketing
115.211 Business Law
115.212 Fundamentals of Leadership and Teamwork

The BBus is a flexible programme, which allows students to decide which of the available courses to study each semester, depending on their needs and objectives.

International or English-as-second-language student advice

The language used in the study of business can be technical. If English is your second language, 192.101 and 192.102 will be useful to help you understand and use English at the necessary level, which will support the successful completion of your Bachelor of Business.

192.101 is Academic English for ESOL Students. It includes advice, practice and assessment of reading, writing, speaking and listening at University for students from non-English-speaking backgrounds.

192.102 is Academic Writing for ESOL Students. It includes advice, practice and assessment in essay and report writing for students from non-English-speaking backgrounds.

These courses both include research based written assessments of more than 1000 words.

Graduate Diploma option

The Graduate Diploma requires 120 credits at 200 and 300-level, with no more than 45 credits at 200-level. Because you can cross-credit up to 45 approved 200-level credits from a completed Massey BBus to a Graduate Diploma in Business Studies, you can complete the two qualifications with a minimum of 435 credits. This is a good way of studying a second discipline area, or broadening your business knowledge.

Bachelor of Business structure

The Bachelor of Business degree requires completion of at least 360 credits of study, with not more than 180 credits at 100-level, at least 75 credits at 300-level, and at least 240 credits from Schedules A and B of the Schedule for the BBus degree in the Massey Business School. For information about courses that meet these requirements, please check the regulations.

All students must take a core of courses, consisting of 120 credits, to give them a sound foundation in business.

Students must also include at least one major in their BBus degree. A major comprises 120 credits, including at least 45 credits at 200-level and at least 60 credits at 300-level including any compulsory courses identified in Schedule B of the Schedule to the Degree. Requirements for each major are shown under the relevant link on the Massey website.

The remaining credits are made up of Business or non-Business elective courses, including 15 credits at 300-level if required to bring the total 300 level courses to 75 credits. The BBus provides considerable flexibility, enabling you to take control of your own programme within the regulations.

Year One

Year Two

Year Three

115.111 Strategic Workplace Communication

Major Course 200-level (a 100-level is compulsory for the Accountancy or Economics major )

Major Course 300-level

115.112 Accounting for Business

Major Course 200-level

Major Course 300-level

115.113 Economics of Business

Major Course 200-level

Major Course 300-level

115.114 Finance Fundamentals

Major Course 200-level

Major Course 300-level

115.115 Management in Context

115.211 Business Law

Elective Course 300-level**

115.116 Introduction to Marketing

115.212 Fundamentals of Leadership and Teamwork

Elective Course , 200 or 300-level

Elective Course 100 or 200 level (include prerequisite course for Accountancy or Economics major)*

Elective Course 100, 200 or 300-level

Elective Course 100, 200 or 300-level

Elective Course 100 or 200 level*

Elective Course 100, 200 or 300-level

Elective Course 100, 200 or 300-level

  • Core courses - 120 credits
  • Major courses - 120 credits
  • Elective courses - 120 credits with no more than 90 credits at 100-level and at least 15 credits at 300* level if required. Elective courses may be taken from the Schedules to any undergraduate degree or diploma in the Massey Business School including the BBus, or from any undergraduate degree or diploma within the University

* Students taking majors other than Accountancy or Economics, may include another 100-level elective course here.
** Some majors have 4 courses (60 credits) at 300-level therefore at least 15 credits of elective 300-level courses are required to meet the total of 75 credits at 300-level needed in the Bachelor of Business degree.

Bachelor of Business Schedule

Schedule A

Core courses for the Bachelor of Business:
115.111, 115.112, 115.113, 115.114, 115.115, 115.116, 115.211, 115.212.

Schedule B

Courses for the Bachelor of Business majors:
110.109, 110.209, 110.229, 110.249, 110.279, 110.289, 110.303, 110.309, 110.329, 110.369, 110.379, 110.380, 110.389, 114.240, 114.241, 114.254, 114.330, 114.331, 114.332, 114.396, 115.388, 115.389, 125.211, 125.212, 125.220, 125.230, 125.241, 125.250, 125.310, 125.312, 125.320, 125.330, 125.340, 125.350, 125.351, 125.364, 127.241, 127.242, 127.245, 127.341, 127.342, 127.343, 127.378, 152.203, 152.232, 152.233, 152.234, 152.250, 152.252, 152.261, 152.264, 152.304, 152.325, 152.331, 152.336, 152.337, 152.338, 152.350, 152.355, 152.366, 152.399, 153.200, 153.204, 155.201, 156.231, 156.232, 156.233, 156.235, 156.237, 156.238, 156.333, 156.334, 156.338, 156.339, 156.340, 156.341, 157.151, 157.216, 157.240, 157.241, 157.340, 157.350, 157.394, 158.235, 178.100, 178.200, 178.201, 178.221, 178.250, 178.280, 178.300, 178.301, 178.352, 178.360, 178.370, 178.380, 219.205, 219.209, 219.303, 219.304, 219.305, 219.310, 219.311, 219.312, 219.345, 241.201, 241.301, 242.201, 242.301, 243.201, 243.301, 245.201, 245.301.

You should also note the following:

  1. All courses carry the credits value of the year in which the course was passed.
  2. Failing courses a second time, or failure to pass at least half of all courses, triggers the application of the regulations dealing with Academic Progress and may result in an exclusion from a course, programme or the Massey Business School. For more information refer to the Academic Progress regulations.


All Bachelor of Business majors are available to take as minors. There are also additional minors as outlined below.

The requirements for a minor are:

  1. A BBus minor must include a minimum of 60 credits from one major or minor as listed in Part II of the Schedule to the degree, including at least 45 credits above 100-level, of which at least 15 credits must be at 300-level.
  2. Notwithstanding BBus regulation (a), where a course outside of a major is required as a prerequisite or corequisite for a course in the major then a maximum of 15 credits from outside the major may be included in the minor for that subject area.
  3. The minor(s) must be in a different subject/discipline from the major(s).
  4. Notwithstanding regulation (a) minors may be included from any undergraduate degree within the University for which recognised minors are specified, including the BBus.
  5. Where the minor is from another undergraduate degree the regulations of that qualification for the minor apply.
  6. No course may be credited to both a major and a minor.
  7. No course may be credited to more than one minor.

Additional minor-only subjects

For details on campus and distance availability please see the 'View regulations' button or contact a student advisor.

  • Business Analytics
    Learn about organisational data, mechanisms to obtain, analyse and interpret that data and how to use it to enhance business decision making. Good preparation for a Master in Analytics and to obtain skills that are sought-after by employers.
    115.109, 156.233, 158.244, 156.340
  • Business Law
    Gain the skills to act competently and knowledgeably in the legal environment, both generally and in a business context. An overview of statutory interpretation and specific areas of relevant business law.
    155.202, and 45 credits from 155.201, 155.203, 155.210, 155.301, 155.313
  • Entrepreneurship and Innovation
    152.233, 152.234, 152.331, 152.337
  • Māori Business
    Learn about Māori approaches to management and entrepreneurship and doing business with and within the Māori economy. Especially suited to aspiring entrepreneurs, business owners and managers.
    152.252, 152.270, 152.370, one of 150.201 or 150.213

These regulations should be read in conjunction with all other Statutes and Regulations of the University including the General Regulations for Undergraduate Degrees, Undergraduate Diplomas, Undergraduate Certificates, Graduate Diplomas and Graduate Certificates

Majors or endorsements

Learn how to think clearly, creatively, critically and analytically, and develop exceptional business skills of value in any business environment. The Massey BBus gives you the freedom to choose a major from 11 different subject areas, opening up career opportunities in almost any area of enterprise.

Double Major option

You may choose to complete your BBus with a double major. This would mean there would be no room for electives, as a second major is a further 120 credits, including at least another 60 credits at 300-level.

The requirements for a double major would be:

  1. at least 45 credits at 200-level for each major;
  2. at least 60 credits at 300-level for each major;
  3. any compulsory courses identified in the Schedule to the Degree;

and, only where one course is listed in the requirements for both majors:

  1. an additional course of at least the same credit value, at the same or higher level, with the same discipline prefix, should be completed.

The majors available within the BBus degree are:


All BBus majors are available as minors. To see what courses are needed for a minor, click the 'View regulations' button on the Planning tab and scroll to the subject you are interested in.

How much will it cost?

We can't tell you the exact cost until you have chosen your courses, as the tuition fees you pay each year vary depending on the courses you choose. There will also be compulsory non-tuition fees you have to pay in addition to your tuition fees. For some courses there may be other charges for things such as study resources, software, trips and contact workshops.

To get an approximate idea of tuition costs for typical study areas, you can use our quick guide to programme fees.

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Financial assistance

You might be eligible to apply for a scholarship or award. You can use our scholarship search to see what is available. You may also be eligible for a student loan to help towards paying your fees.

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