Bachelor of Information Sciences (Honours)

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Go deeper into information sciences

If you have excelled at your studies and want a career in research this degree is for you

What is it like?

The Bachelor of Information Sciences (Honours) is a highly regarded programme available to those who have achieved a high standard of academic performance in their Bachelor of Information Sciences undergraduate degree. 

Capstone research project

It is especially relevant if you are interested in pursuing further postgraduate research, such as a Master of Information Sciences by thesis, or even on to a PhD.

You will undertake six taught courses in your first year and then move to a capstone course research project.

As a separate qualification of advanced courses and research in the major subject taken in the BInfSc, the honours programme can lead to a Master of Information Science by thesis only.

In demand

A report by Absolute IT showed that IT employers are seeking increasing numbers of staff. In Auckland alone 75% of IT employers are planning to recruit additional staff and contractors in 2016. The majority of the hiring is taking place because of increased demand and new projects.

The research showed that high demand areas are now software development, business analysis, project management and data/database. These are the key areas of information sciences you can study through the Bachelor of Information Sciences at Massey.

Why postgraduate study?

Postgraduate study is hard work but hugely rewarding and empowering. The Bachelor of Information Sciences (Honours) will push you to produce your best creative, strategic and theoretical ideas. The workload replicates the high-pressure environment of senior workplace roles.

Not just more of the same

Postgraduate study is not just ‘more of the same’ undergraduate study. Our experts are there to guide but if you have come from undergraduate study, you will find that postgraduate study demands more in-depth and independent study. It takes you to a new level in knowledge and expertise especially in planning and undertaking research.

A good fit if you:

  • Have excelled in your information sciences undergraduate studies
  • Are interested in a career in academia, or progressing to in-depth research at a postgraduate level


The Bachelor of Information Sciences with Honours is a stepping stone to a career in academia. However it also gives you an employability advantage - showing a level of excellence that gives you point of difference from those with an undergraduate degree.

Sought after by employers

International trends are for employers to reward postgraduate study well,especially in larger enterprises.The skills you learn are increasingly recognised as setting you apart from other potential employees.

Earn more

A Ministry of Education report found that:

  • Earnings and employment rates increase with the level of qualification completed.
  • Five years after leaving study, most young domestic graduates will be earning above the national median earnings.
  • Good careers are associated with better health, better wellbeing and more satisfying lives

World-leading lecturers and supervisors

Massey’s information sciences staff are internationally-renowned for their research and teaching and learning methods. You will be working with specialists, for example:

Associate Professor Chris Scogings

Dr Scogings develops agent-based models. This research involves creating software applications that program the individuals in a group to follow simple rules and then analysing the complex group behaviours that arise over time from the interaction of many individuals (known as ‘agents’).

Well-known examples include models that demonstrate how birds can create a flock that moves as if it were a single entity, even though it consists of thousands of interacting individuals.

Current work includes analysing the effects of evolving camouflage effects in a predator-prey model.

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