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How to hard reset your desk phone?

If your Polycom CX600 phone stops working and you cannot access the menus, you can try a hard reset of the phone. Doing so will delete all user-created data (such as your phone account and personalise settings. I.e. time zone, date format, time format, ringtones etc).

NOTE: This process works only with Windows based computers which have the Lync software installed and the Polycom desk phone plugged to your computer via a USB cable.

If you don't have the phone connected to your computer with the Microsoft Lync software installed, you will need to do the below:

    1. Turn to the back of the phone and unplug the network cable which is either the black or grey above the word LAN

    2. Press and HOLD * and # and while you press the keys, plug the network cable back where it came from

    3. Keep holding the keys down until it prompts you to clear user created data

      " The operation you have requested will erase all user-created data.
      Do you want to continue?"

      NOTE: This should only take up to four seconds.

    4. Select Yes
      The phone will reboot. During this process, the manufacture's logo will be displayed. When the process is finished, you'll see the image below on the screen:

      NOTE: The reset process can take up to four minutes. Phone will remove user configuration data and restart with new settings. After the phone resets, the Home screen displays.

    5. The phone will now ask for your extension number and PIN number
      If you have forgotten your PIN and would like to reset it, Click here
    6. Once you have obtained your PIN, Log In to your desk phone
    7. If you have the phone connected to your computer with the Microsoft Lync software installed, all you need to do is enter your Massey Network password:




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