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Project: Building our staff intranet

"Successful intranets can’t be created for staff; they have to be created with staff."
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We are creating new menus and need to know whether they’re easy to navigate. If you could click through this 10 minute simulation for Finance and the whole site, it would help us make the navigation as clear as possible.

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The project team will provide consultation to departments who would like to rework and move their information for staff to OneMassey.

Express your interest by contacting the ITS Service Desk on ext. 82111.

What is the intranet?

The intranet, like the internet, is a place for sharing information digitally in the form of webpages, applications and files. Unlike the internet, which is open to everyone, an intranet can only be accessed by a defined group of people; in this case, Massey staff only. 

Massey staff will use the intranet to search for work-related information.

Departments will help build the intranet by choosing to move web content currently in Staffroom to OneMassey. This web content will be refined so that it's more relevant to staff and easier for staff to find. The project team will work in consultation with departments to move their web content.

For now, any content that needs to be accessed by others, such as students or external stakeholders, will remain in Staffroom.

Is our new intranet OneMassey?

Yes and no.

Our new intranet is one component of OneMassey.

It is the internal website where work-related information for staff is published.

Other components of OneMassey are:

  • Team, Project and Community Sites (also known as Collaboration Sites): these are usually locked down to a group of staff and used to complete work that is specific to their roles e.g. a Team Site for HR staff only, or a Project Site for project members of the OneMassey Intranet project only.
  • OneMassey MySites: every staff member has a OneMassey MySite, which works like social media profile. Staff can publish blogs, post messages, upload documents, and follow other people, sites or blogs. 

Staff versus Non-staff access rights to information at Massey

Internet vs Intranet vs Extranet

Massey staff

Can access Massey webpages available on the INTERNET and the INTRANET. They will be granted controlled access to web content on Collaboration Sites and - when launched - on the EXTRANET


Can access Massey webpages available on the INTERNET and will be granted controlled access to web content on Collaboration Sites and - when launched - on the EXTRANET. They will not be granted access to the INTRANET.



The internet is the 'world wide web' and anyone can connected to it. It is used to share and access publicly available information.

Massey's main website is available on the internet:


An intranet usually sits behind a login. It is a private network accessible to an organisation's staff. Generally, a wide range of information and services from the organisation's internal IT systems are available that would not be available to the public from the internet. 

The aim of this project is to move Massey's intranet from Staffroom to OneMassey.


An extranet usually sits behind a login. It is a website that allows controlled access to partners, vendors and suppliers or an authorised set of customers (e.g. students) - normally to a subset of information accessible from the organisation's intranet. 
OneMassey does not yet have an extranet.

Contact the Service Desk

Phone 06-356-9099 ext. 82111 (preferred method)

7:45am - 5pm, Monday to Friday
(excluding Public and University holidays)

Out-of-hours Support

AskUs Self-Service to log a request online (staff)

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