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This page is currently under development as the systems which regulate the access outlined below are currently being upgraded. There will be wider communication on this subject as the project related to these upgrades progresses.

Peter Hamilton
Information Security Manager
Information Technology Services
Massey University

As outlined in the University's Use and Access to Information Technology Systems Policy and other related policies, Massey provides access to Information Technology Services (Including Internet access) for the purposes of “[…teaching, study, research and work related tasks…with limited personal use…]”. These policies can be reviewed on the University’s Policy Guide website.

To protect the University’s information services from inappropriate use and access, and to comply with legal and regulatory requirements, the University regulates access to some services. This regulation can take the form of proactively blocking access to services which pose a clear threat to the security of University information services, or a notification before allowing access in cases where access may pose a risk or breach of policy. In cases where this access is needed for teaching, study, research or work related tasks, the blocking and notification messages provide information to ensure the required access is available.

The following information outlines how services are categorised, and how Massey has configured access to these categories. If you have a legitimate study, research or work related reason to access any service which may be blocked, or if you have questions regarding any of the information in this page, please contact the Service Desk via the following online help request form, or by phone on extension 82111.

NB: Some of the regulations outlined may differ slightly depending on whether you are a member of staff, a student, a visitor, or a guest, etc.




In addition to the categories listed, some other sites may specifically be blocked by name as opposed to category when they present the following risks to the University:

  • Malware such as viruses
  • Phishing and spam
  • Objectionable or illegal content
  • Peer-to-peer file sharing
  • Security avoidance

 A specific mention of the subject of Trade Me.


There have been historical cases of inappropriate use of Trade Me, including excessive use and running a business or profiting from use of Trade Me while on Massey work time. Given this inappropriate use, Massey has made the decision to block access to Trade Me from the University’s network.

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