Qualification reviews

Massey University is committed to ensuring its qualifications are robust, credible, fit for purpose, aligned with international standards and expectations, and deliver a distinctive student experience. All Massey University qualifications are regularly reviewed to ensure they meet the highest standards and continue to meet the expectations of stakeholders and students throughout the qualification lifecycle.

The review process is an important contributor to the assurance of academic quality.

Graduating year reviews

The Committee on University Academic Programmes (CUAP) has given the name ‘Graduating Year Review’ to its moderation process. All qualifications and specialisations approved by CUAP and offered by all New Zealand universities are required to be reviewed within three years of the first cohort of students graduating.

The review process is administered by individual universities, with the review reports being peer reviewed by other universities and CUAP members. The reviews are intended to assure CUAP that the qualifications and specialisations are meeting their original course objectives and are being offered at an acceptable standard of delivery.

Qualification reviews

The purpose of qualification reviews is to evaluate and continually improve the qualifications offered by the University. A qualification review is a review of an entire qualification, or group of related qualifications and specialisations, through the peer evaluation of objectives, structure and management, teaching, learning, and assessment processes and qualification outcomes.

Each qualification within the University’s academic portfolio will be comprehensively reviewed once every seven years, on a rolling cycle of reviews. The Office of Academic Assurance facilitates the qualification review process. Qualification reviews are conducted in accordance with the Massey University Qualification Review Procedures.

Qualification monitoring

In addition to the regular cycle of reviews, Massey University is committed to maintaining a viable portfolio of offerings. The performance of all qualifications is monitored to ensure they are delivering on University expectations including student achievement, enrolment numbers, and the Tertiary Education Commission (TEC) performance standards.

The University monitors qualifications that have no and low enrolments to determine whether their closure is necessary.

Qualification lifecycle consultancy services

The Qualification Lifecycle Team supports Programme Coordinators and academic units through:

  • Provision of proactive and summative data for programme success monitoring
  • Appointing and convening panels
  • Developing review programmes and organising staff attendance
  • Organising travel and accommodation for panellists
  • Booking meetings, rooms, technology
  • Record-keeping for Chairs
  • Drafting GYR reports

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