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Key to the tables

P Prerequisite: Course(s) you must complete to a defined standard (or have waived) before your enrolment in another course is confirmed.

C Corequisite: Course(s) that must be completed in the same semester as another course, unless already passed or waived.

R Restriction: Similar courses, that cannot both be credited to the same qualification.

The Graduate Diploma in Quality Systems

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Qualification Regulations

Part I

These regulations are to be read in conjunction with all other Statutes and Regulations of the University including General Regulations for Undergraduate Degrees, Undergraduate Diplomas, Undergraduate Certificates, Graduate Diplomas, and Graduate Certificates.

Part II


1. Before enrolment for the Graduate Diploma in Quality Systems a candidate shall have:

(a) qualified for the award of a university degree, a diploma or a qualification approved for the purpose of these Regulations by the Academic Board, or have been granted admission with equivalent status as entitled to proceed to the Graduate Diploma in Quality Systems; and

(b) satisfied the Academic Board that they have sufficient background of professional experience to be likely to benefit from the programme.

Qualification Requirements

2. To qualify for the award of the Graduate Diploma in Quality Systems the candidate shall pass a total of 120 credits selected from the Schedule.

Regulation Notes

1. Any 700-level course taken in the GDipQS that is also offered in the PGDipQS may not subsequently be counted in the PGDipQS, or re-taken by any student progressing from GDipQS to PGDipQS.

2. A maximum of 45 credits may be taken in 200-level courses.

3. Students whose work is of outstanding merit throughout the programme and in the Diploma examinations shall, on the recommendation of the examiners and the Academic Board, be awarded the Diploma with Distinction.

Schedule for the Graduate Diploma in Quality Systems

Compulsory courses (45 credits from)

152.252 Project Management 15 credits

287.341 Quality Systems Design 15 credits
P 228.292 R 143.341

287.455 Advanced Industrial Management Practices 15 credits
P 287.342 or 287.343 R 143.469, 143.455

15 credits from

287.735 Quality Improvement 15 credits
R 143.785

60 credits from

114.240 Organisational Behaviour 15 credits

125.230 Business Finance 15 credits
P 115.114

128.300 Ergonomics/Human Factors: Work, Performance, Health and Design 15 credits

152.304 Managing Services 15 credits

152.366 Operational Management of International Business 15 credits

240.260 Logistics and Supply Chain Fundamentals 15 credits
R 115.260

287.342 Agile Manufacturing 15 credits
R 143.329, 143.342

Approved Massey elective (15 credits from)

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