Management and administration

All scholarships and bursaries at Massey University are the responsibility of the Scholarships team within the office of Research and Enterprise. Under the Scholarships Committee Terms of Reference, Council has delegated the power of approval of regulations for all scholarships, bursaries and other awards offered in the name of Massey University to the Scholarships Committee.

Scholarships are awarded only on academic achievement and usually have a minimum value of $1,000, tenable from one to three years. Bursaries are awarded on academic achievement and may take into account other criteria, such as financial hardship, sporting ability, community involvement, etc.

Students normally apply for either a scholarship or bursary, which will generally have a closing date set at the beginning or end of the academic year. However, with some awards, students may be nominated.

Recommendations for the award of scholarships and bursaries administered by the University must be referred to the Scholarships Committee, through the Scholarships team.  When the recommendations have been approved, a Scholarships Administrator is responsible for advising the recipient and arranging payment of the award.

College Representatives

College representatives on the University Scholarships Committee are involved in the drafting of scholarship regulations with the final approval made by the Scholarships Committee. College representatives are involved in the awarding of scholarships when required by the regulations.

Massey Scholars

Massey Scholars are the responsibility of the Pro Vice Chancellor of each College who will delegate responsibility to an appropriate staff member to provide the list of College Massey Scholars to the Scholarships team.

Scholarships Administrator

The Scholarships Administrator acts as Secretary to the University Scholarships Committee and is responsible for the administration of all Massey University scholarships and bursaries as follows:

• Acknowledges receipt of all applications
• Checks eligibility
• Obtains academic transcripts
• Calculates GPAs and ranks candidates
• Organises selection meetings according to regulations for specific awards
• Advises all applicants of the outcome
• Prepares the budget for the scholarships account
• Promulgates information on scholarships and bursaries
• Authorises the entry of the scholarship award on the recipient’s academic record
• Updates information about Massey University administered scholarships on the Funding Information Services scholarship database
• Maintains a database of all recipients of scholarships and bursaries for the Scholarships Committee Annual Report to Academic Board
• Provides information on recipients of awards for inclusion in the Graduation Handbook
• Gives advice on the drafting of regulations for new awards
• Prepares authorisations for payment of Doctoral and Masterate Scholarships
• Coordinates the award of Massey Scholarships for approval by the Chair of the Scholarships Committee.

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