Scholarships' establishment

Guidelines for the establishment of new scholarships and bursaries

These guidelines are designed to assist those who are involved with the establishment of a new scholarship, bursary or prize at Massey University. Currently all scholarships and bursaries at Massey University are the responsibility of the Scholarships team within the office of Research & Enterprise. Under the Scholarships Committee Terms of Reference, Council has delegated the power of approval of regulations for all scholarships, bursaries and other awards offered in the name of Massey University.  

Scholarship, Bursary or Prize 

• Scholarships are awarded only on academic achievement and usually have a minimum value of $1,000, tenable from one to three years.
• Bursaries are awarded on academic achievement and may take into account other criteria, such as financial hardship, sporting ability, community involvement, etc.
• Scholarships and bursaries are open to application, competitive, have a closing date and are awarded by a Selection Committee
• Prizes are automatically awarded at the end of the year to reward the top student in a particular subject or a series of subjects.  They are generally of a lesser value than a scholarship or bursary and may be comprised of a cash award and/or a voucher for the purchase of books or equipment to a particular value.


All awards including scholarships and bursaries that involve direct input by University staff are included in the University Scholarships Committee Annual Report and are publicised.  Those awards for which there has been no direct University staff input are not included in the Annual Report.

Sources of Funding

The main types of funding are: Funding received from the Massey University Foundation:

• The Foundation receives, invests and manages endowed gifts that are held to fund specific scholarships. Each year the Board of the Foundation approves the distribution of a portion of the income from these funds for the scholarships they are intended for.

• The Foundation also receives some gifts for scholarships which are not endowed but are to be spent entirely over a set period of time. The Foundation also distributes these gifts in keeping with the donors’ wishes.

Funding from Massey University:

• Massey managed Funds – These are funds held in Trust and invested by the University for the award of scholarships and bursaries.

• Sponsorship - When a scholarship has been sponsored, the University will invoice the Sponsor for the amount of the award once the recipient has been agreed upon and pay the recipient on behalf of the Sponsor.

• Payment of Sponsorship - Sponsors of scholarships are offered the option to pay the recipients directly, but the University remains involved with every other aspect of the award.

Regulations for Scholarships and Bursaries

Once it has been decided that an award is to be offered, the Scholarships team will work with the sponsor/ Massey Foundation to draft regulations.  The Scholarships team can provide Guidelines for new scholarships and bursaries regulations. In order to do this the following information will need to be decided upon:

Name of the Award

This may include the name of the sponsor, and/or the area of study the award is aimed at, i.e. postgraduate/undergraduate.


An introductory paragraph stating why the scholarship/bursary was established and by whom.

Number, Tenure and Value of Awards

This will depend on how much funding is available.  However, there are a number of different options that may be considered:

• One or more scholarships, each with a tenure of one year

• One or more scholarships awarded annually, each with a tenure of two or more years

• One scholarship awarded for two or more years. Value per year and where tenable (campus specific or university wide).


The following are a sample of options to be considered:
Full time/part time students;
Specific subject, programme or general field of study;
Postgraduate/undergraduate and/or stage of study, ie first year, final year, etc.;
Gender or ethnic background;
Residential status (NZ citizens / Permanent residents / from a specified area or region);
University wide or campus specific

Selection Criteria

For scholarships the only criterion is academic achievement.  Other criteria may be taken into account when awarding bursaries, i.e. financial need, demonstrated leadership skills, sporting or cultural achievements, or other specified achievements, etc. (All criteria used must be demonstrable by the applicant).
The Selection Committee may take account of other awards the candidate may hold to achieve a reasonable distribution of monies.

Responsibility for the Award

The Scholarship/bursary is awarded annually by the University Scholarships Committee on the recommendation of a Selection Committee that usually comprises three or more members and may include the following persons:
 The Chairperson of the Scholarships Committee, or their nominee
 A representative from the sponsor (sponsors are not obliged to be involved in selection) 
 A representative from the academic staff of the appropriate area of study

Conditions of the award  

The conditions the recipient must meet in order to receive / continue to receive the scholarship payments. Examples include:
Recipient must live in a particular area of New Zealand;
The scholarship recipient must achieve at least a B grade average in the core courses undertaken in each year of study in order to continue to receive the scholarship in each subsequent year of the degree;
In order to receive the scholarship the scholarship holder must complete the degree programme in which they initially enrolled in and any change in degree or major must be approved by the Selection panel;
The Scholarship/ bursary may be held concurrently with any other bursary or scholarship provided the rules applicable to the other scholarship or bursary permit the recipient to hold another scholarship;
The Selection Committee may refrain from making an award in the event of there being no suitable applicants.

Closing Dates

The closing date for applications varies. Sponsors need to allow 4 – 6 weeks after the applications close for the selection process, before successful applicants are notified. 


Advises where applications may be obtained from and the address the completed applications are to be returned to.

The above heading may also be used in setting out the regulations.

Adoption of the Award

Once the sponsor accepts the regulations the University Scholarships Committee will formally approve these. The award can then be advertised and included in the list of the University's Scholarships and Awards on the web and on the Funding Information Services scholarships’ database 'Breakout'.      

Advertising Awards may be advertised as follows:

• Advertising as appropriate

• In the list of Scholarships accessible from the Massey University home page on the world wide web

• On notice boards throughout the University Recipients of scholarships, bursaries and prizes have the award listed on their academic transcript.


Once the scholarship or bursary regulations are approved, the Scholarships team assumes responsibility for administration.  For prizes, once they are accepted by the University, the appropriate College assumes responsibility. The University provides this service free of charge.

The above are guidelines only and may be subject to change.

The Scholarships team would welcome enquiries from potential sponsors.   

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