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Closing date: 31/12/2019   

The Venture Trust Inc. (now known formally as the Eric Ojala Sub-Trust of the Massey University Foundation, and informally as the Eric Ojala Fund) was established in 1986.
The aim of the founder (Dr Eric Ojala) was to encourage, promote and assist research and development in New Zealand agriculture and land based science, especially that involving agricultural policy and strategy, agricultural trade and markets, agricultural economics and farm management and food technology, production and innovation. The word "agriculture" is broadly interpreted to include any productive activity on rural land - including forestry and horticulture.
In 2014 the Trustees wound up the initial entity and transferred the funds into the newly-created Eric Ojala Sub-Trust of the Massey University Foundation. The funds are managed by the Massey University Foundation and on its behalf a committee makes recommendations on the grant applications. The committee is also authorised to make changes to the funding programmes as it sees fit. There are four current programmes (as approved at the August 2016 meeting).

The purpose of this Programme is to allow leading international experts in those fields of interest to the Trust to work in close collaboration with research staff at Massey University. The intention is to support visits to New Zealand for longer periods than those funded through other means such as the university’s International Travel Fellowships. Normally, the Eminent Visitor will be associated with an existing Massey University research project. Duration of visits will normally be between three months and one year, and funding is to the equivalent of up to $15,000 per year.

The objective of this Programme is to promote research collaboration and the initiation of new research ventures between Massey University research staff and the international research community in those fields of interest to the Trust. The Programme will assist foreign visitors to Massey University, and Massey academic staff to make visits to overseas researchers and institutions, for periods of up to one month. Grants may be made up to the value of $10,000 per visitor. Eligible costs include travel, accommodation and other costs associated with a visit.

The purpose of this Scholarship is to assist research masters and PhD students enrolled at Massey University, whose research is primarily in the area of agricultural policy and strategy studies. Such research should relate to agriculture and land use policies in New Zealand, or to foreign agricultural policies that are deemed to be of relevance to the New Zealand agricultural sector and the wider New Zealand economy. The award of scholarships will be based on academic achievement. The value of the scholarships shall be up to $5,000 per year for masters and $8,000 for doctoral students and is designed to be used to cover the costs of undertaking research projects. For masterate students, funding will be for one year (normally for a course including a significant research component); for doctoral students, awards may be for up to three years’ subject to satisfactory progress and the provision of regular reports and annual application.

These grants are available to assist the funding of approved research programmes conducted by full-time academic staff at Massey University, in areas of priority to the Trust. Items to be funded include research materials such as databases and consumables, but exclude salaries and wages of research personnel or assistants and overheads. Normally, these grants will not exceed $5,000 per annum.

There is no specific form to be used when applying for any of the grants which can be accepted at any time during the year. All applicants need to have the support of a full-time Massey University academic staff member. The following information needs to be provided:
1.Name, contact details and position of applicant or applicants
2.Name, contact details and position of other researchers (if the applicant is applying on behalf of a team) or supervisors (if the applicant is a student)
3.Name and contacts details of Massey University academic staff member supporting the application
4.Project title
5.Project outline. If the application is in respect of a visit, please summarise the objectives of the visit. If it is a research project, briefly outline the project description and methodology (up to two pages)
6.Statement that outlines the significance of the project to New Zealand's land-based industries
7.Anticipated outcomes of the project (e.g. report, journal article, conference paper) and/or benefits to the University
8.Budget (showing all sources of funding including that which has been approved and/or applied for)
10.Curriculum Vitae (no more than 2 pages) for each primary researcher.

Application forms can be obtain by contacting Laura Langdale-Hunt at


Application cannot be accepted before 30/09/2019.

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