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Even as a little girl I had an interest in the area of blindness and low vision being the only one in my Brownie troop to take my Braille badge. This passion has continued into my adult life and I have worked in the field of Blindness and Low Vision in New Zealand for over 20 years. Initially, I worked for the Blind Foundation as an Orientation and Mobility and Activities of Daily Living Instructor and enjoyed working with children and helping them to understand and move in their world. My Masters degree was on the efficiacy of using an interactive model to teach children with a vision impiarment environmental concepts. For the last 10 years I have taught in both the area of health and rehabilitation, as well as education including time as the Blind and Low Vision Endorsement Coordinator for the Specialist Teaching Programme. I am a PLD Facilitator and am currently working with Blind and Low Vision Network New Zealand (BLENNZ) providing short courses for Resource Teachers:Vision to help support Developmental Orientation and Mobility programmes.  My other interest in this field includes being President the Orientation and Mobility Association Australasia (OMAA) and am a peer reviewer for the International Journal of Orientation and Mobility (IJOM). I have also reviewed articles for the British Medical Journal and Evaluation Research.

When first working within academia I became aware of how academics in different disciplines were talking past each other, particularly in the area of disability.  This sparked my interest in how different disciplines or paradigms could work together to develop integrated resolutions for those experiencing disability.  This then became the focus of my doctoral studies.  I used design based research methodology to develop an approach to promote cross-disciplinary collaboration when studying complex real-world issues or what are sometimes called wicked problems.   I also have an interest in how cross-disciplinary collaboration can be used to increase equity for those experiencing disability.

I am also an Anglican Priest and have an interest in spiritual wellbeing and am currently supervising a student who iis studying the use of contemplative pedagogies in tertiary teaching and have developed a courses on Holistic Wellbeing and Change for the MEd Psych programme.  I am also Chair of the Interdenominational Tertiary Chaplaincy Board at Massey University.


I have worked, taught and researched in the area of disability for over 20 years.  I have a partIcularly interst in the blindness and low vision field and was the Endorsement Coordinator for the Blindness and low Endorsement in the Speciaist Teaching Programme.  I am currently developing and teaching two courses in the new MEd Psych programme. My doctoral study was in the area of cross-disciplinary collaboration and I have researched and am supervising students in the areas of cross-disciplinary collaboration, blindness and low vision and functional profiles for learners. 

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Contact details

  • Ph: ext.84412
    Location: 1.11, Collinson Village
    Campus: Turitea


  • Doctor of Philosophy - Massey University (2014)
  • Master of Philosophy - Massey University (1999)
  • Diploma in Rehabilitation - Massey University (1996)

Research Expertise

Research Interests

Blindness and Low Vision Education and Rehabilitation

Approaches to Cross-disciplinary Collaboration 

Deisgn-based Research


21st Century Citizenship, Health and Well-being

Area of Expertise

Field of research codes
Education (130000):
Medical And Health Sciences (110000): Medical and Health Sciences not elsewhere classified (119999): Other Medical and Health Sciences (119900):
Special Education and Disability (130312): Specialist Studies in Education (130300)


Blindness, Blind, Vision, Low Vision, Rehabilitation, Education

Cross-disciplinary Collaboration, interprofessional, interprofessionality, interdisciplinary, interdisciplinarity, transdisciplinarity,transdisciplinary

Wicked Problems, complex real world issues, complex real-world issues

Design-based Research, qualitative, 

Research Projects

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Research Outputs


McDowell, N., & Budd, J. (2018). The perspectives of teachers and paraeducators on the relationship between classroom clutter and learning experiences for students with cerebral visual impairment. Journal of Visual Impairment and Blindness. 112(3), 248-260
[Journal article]Authored by: Budd, J., McDowell, N.
Budd, JM. (2018). 'Tracking of ideas': A method to evaluate the integration of ideas in cross-disciplinary collaboration. Research Evaluation. 27(1), 43-51
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[Journal article]Authored by: Budd, J.


Budd, JM. (2014). A design-based research study to promote cross-disciplinary collaboration using a case from the New Zealand disability field. (Doctoral Thesis)
[Doctoral Thesis]Authored by: Budd, J.
Budd, JM. (1998). The efficacy of using a three dimensional, interactive model to teach environmental concepts to children with a visual impairment. (Master's Thesis)
[Masters Thesis]Authored by: Budd, J.


Budd, J. (2010). Postgraduate diploma in specialist teaching milestone report to Ministry of Education: specialist area blind and vision impairment..
[Commissioned Report]Authored by: Budd, J.


McLaughlin, T., & Budd, JM. (2016). New Zealand child and youth profile. Poster session presented at the meeting of International Society on Early Intervention. Stockholm, Sweden
[Conference Poster]Authored by: Budd, J., McLaughlin, T.
Budd, JM., Clendon, S., & McLaughlin, T. (2016). New Zealand Child and Youth Profile.. Poster session presented at the meeting of International Society for Early Intervention, Stockholm, Sweden.
[Conference Poster]Authored by: Budd, J.
Budd, JM.An approach to promote cross-disciplinary collaboration when undertaking interprofessional research or practice. . Melbourne, Australia
[Conference Paper]Authored by: Budd, J.
Mentis, M., Kearney, A., Riley, T., Bevan-Brown, J., Holley-Boen, WR., Butler, PJ., . . . Budd, J. (2013). Webbing a professional identity within a networked community of practice. Poster session presented at the meeting of Higher Educational Research and Development Society of Australasia. Auckland, New Zealand
[Conference Poster]Authored by: Budd, J., Butler, P., Holley-Boen, W., Kearney, A., Mentis, M., Riley, T.
Budd, JM., & Budd, JM. (2013). Multilayered mentoring: Preparing an interprofessionally ready workforce. , South Pacific Educators of the Visually Impaired
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Budd, JM. (2012). Social inclusion: The provision of orientation and mobility services for children in New Zealand. , International Mobility Conference 14
[Conference Abstract]Authored by: Budd, J.
Budd, J., Mentis, M., & Butler, P.(2011). An innovative approach to training teachers of the vision impaired. A Presentation at the South Pacific Educators of the Visually Impaired biennial conference. Sydney, Australia.. , South Pacific Educators of the Visually Impaired Sydney, Australia
[Conference Abstract]Authored by: Budd, J.
La Grow, S., & Budd, J.(1998). The buddy road kit: A tool for building environmental concepts. . Atlanta, GA.
[Conference Paper]Authored by: Budd, J.


Budd, JM. (2010, December). We are each of us Angel with only one wing.. Presented at Massey University.
[Oral Presentation]Authored by: Budd, J.

Consultancy and Languages


  • Nov 2015 - - Blind and Low Vision Education Network New Zealand (BLENNZ
    I have been working with

Supervision and Teaching

Summary of Doctoral Supervision

Position Current Completed
Co-supervisor 4 0


Teaching and Supervision

Courses Coordinated

  • 249.287 Early Intervention
  • 256.704 Waiora: Psychology of Wellbeing and Ako
  • 256.706 Whakapiki: Psychology of Change and Development

Current Doctoral Supervision

Co-supervisor of:

  • Lars Dam - Doctor of Philosophy
    Using design-based research to develop a resource to increase knowledge about- and interest in IT/CS careers among middle school students
  • Nicola McDowell - Doctor of Philosophy
    Effective strategies for supporting learners with cerebral visual impairment in their home and school environments
  • Branka Vasilic - Doctor of Philosophy
    Exploring relational flow in effective interprofessional collaborative practice
  • Heather Thomas - Doctor of Education
    Pedagogies of presence: Contemplative education and mindfulness in university education in Aotearoa New Zealand

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