Academic Standing

The purpose of Academic Standing is to provide you with a mechanism that allows you to see how you are progressing in your studies. It helps us to identify and acknowledge your progress, and recognise when you need extra assistance.

Your grades are used to calculate your standing. The process is run at the end of each semester and Summer School once your grades are available. Results for Double Semester courses are included at the end of Semester Two.

Your first University Academic Standing is calculated at the end of your first enrolment period and then every following semester, including Summer School. Depending on your grades, you will be assigned one of the following standings:

  • Excelling: Passed all your courses with a grade average of at least A-.
  • Good: Passed all your courses with a grade average of at least B/B+.
  • Achieved: Passed 100% of your courses.
  • Academic Management: Passed less than 100% of your courses. Enrolment restrictions will apply.
  • Academic Risk: Failed all of your courses. Enrolment restrictions will apply.
  • Insufficient grades to calculate: Not enough grades were available for the system to calculate an Academic Standing when the provisional Academic Standing calculations were processed. No enrolment credit restrictions will be applied and you will be able to enrol into a full workload for your current/next semester. This standing will remain as your Academic Standing status for the duration of your next enrolment/semester.

Course Standing of Excluded: This is your standing if you fail a course twice. Fail results are D, E, F and DNC. This can apply to any course, from any enrolment period.

Qualification Standing of Excluded: This is your standing if you are enrolled in a qualification with specific progression or exclusion rules and fail to meet the requirements. This only applies to a small number of qualifications.

For more details about the standings see Academic Standing Statuses.

When the academic standing process is run, you will receive a message in your student homepage of your provisional standing. If you don’t read the message within 24 hours, you will be sent an email reminding you to check your messages. Be sure to review new standing promptly. 

You can request that your standing is reconsidered if:

  • there was a problem with the process used to calculate it; or
  • your study has been affected by exceptional circumstances beyond your control.

Submissions for reconsideration must be made within 10 working days from the date you receive your provisional standing. If you do not make a submission your standing is confirmed. If you disagree with the outcome of your submission, you have five working days from the notification to appeal. You will not be able to make an appeal unless you have previously made a submission.

PhD and research masters students are excluded from the University Academic Standing and Course Academic Standing process.

Additional information is included in our Academic Standing FAQs. You can also use our interactive Massey Academic Standing Tool to see what your University Academic Standing means, what the impact is, and what you can expect in the future.

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