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Azadeh Izadi

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School of Natural and Computational Sciences
College of Sciences


Thesis Title
Modelling of Topological Relations in Multi-dimensional Space

Research Description
Modelling of Topological Relations in Multi-dimensional Space My research examines spatial knowledge representation and reasoning with applications in multi-dimensional Geographic Information System ‎‎(GIS). The development and widespread application of GIS have increased demand for a more accurate analysis and querying method ‎considering multi-dimensional (0D,1D,2D and3D) geographic data as an input. ‎ Several studies have investigated the multi-dimensional environment, however, none have proposed a solution that is based on mereotopology, which describes the space by using "part of" and "connection" relations. We are trying to develop a framework that can describe spatial objects with various dimensions based on mereotopology. This framework will improve the expressive power and accuracy of 3D queries in GIS.

Personal Description
I completed my undergraduate studies in Iran and I joined Massey University in 2016. Here at Massey, the faculty really care about the students and help them succeed. I enjoy my studies in INMS because they bring me into contact with academics from a variety of areas. Also, a student is ‎welcome to attend research seminars at any department, to learn new things. But probably the best ‎thing is the students. My peers are very friendly and I felt welcomed right from the start.‎ Being an academic would be my ideal future goal.‎

Dr Kristin Stock
Professor Hans Guesgen
Dr Torsten Hahmann

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