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Noriza Ahmad

Doctor of Philosophy
Study Completed: 2017
College of Health


Thesis Title
Beef Hydrolisis by Zyactinase Enzymes

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Ms Ahmad researched the effect of a kiwifruit enzyme mixture on the extent of beef meat digestion. She investigated the effect of enzymatic hydrolysis conditions on the properties of protein hydrolysates (end products) from the mince beef meat. Lean beef mince was partially hydrolysed (process of splitting the protein) for different processing times, temperatures, pH and enzyme concentration. The effect of the kiwifruit enzymes on the separate fractions of myofibrillar (salt soluble proteins), sarcoplasmic (water soluble proteins) and stroma (connective tissue) of the beef meat was examined. The hydrolysates collected were analysed for total nitrogen and non-protein nitrogen, peptide and amino acids released. The enzyme mixture exhibited different hydrolytic activity towards the different meat protein fractions depending on processing conditions. Ms Ahmad's research provides insight on the specificity of kiwifruit enzymes toward beef protein and the optimum processing parameters to produce desired end products for future applications.

Professor Marie Wong
Professor Ray Winger
Dr Sung Je Lee

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