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Miscellaneous spam email FAQs

How much spam is received by Massey?

On a typical work day the university receives around 10,000 emails per day which are classified as spam

A small proportion of spam does get through to individual mailboxes - although the amount received can appear huge at times, this is a very small proportion of that actually received. Spammers are increasingly clever in changing addresses, generating acceptable subject lines etc so that they cannot be blocked completely. Spam and other unwanted emails are often impossible to eliminate completely without impacting legitimate email. Over 90% of all email received by Massey is currently blocked as SPAM.

What does Massey do to stop spam?

Massey University has spam filters (software) in place to redirect unwanted email away from a user's inbox. Various techniques to filter spam are used, based on a variety of criteria, including sender's email address specific words in the subject or message body, etc.

How do I know how much spam has been blocked for me?

The MySpam website ( demonstrates the effectiveness of the spam blocking mechanisms currently in place. All Massey users can view information on spam sent to them that has been blocked.

While most spam messages are blocked on receipt at Massey, i.e., before they reach peoples mailboxes, you may also need to perform some blocking activities yourself (ITS is unable to set up blocks on all spam reported - this would be a mammoth job and would also stop many related emails that are required, a very large amount of spam is blocked automatically already).

The MySpam website can be used to block individual addresses or entire domains.

How do I opt out of automatic spam filtering?

At times, legitimate email is blocked as spam. Some recipients wish to receive and manage all emails, including spam. Massey University also operates Junk Mail Management Service to help manage and reduce the proliferation of spam. This service is aimed primarily at users who wish to opt-out of the Massey spam management service and receive all of their emails (note: by default spam will be filtered for all users - opting out is a choice). For information on this please see:

If you opt out of spam filtering, emails that are deemed to be spam will have [SPAM] pre-pended to the subject line. These emails are automatically monitored by the spam filters and should not be forwarded to (i.e. the Junk mail Monitoring email address), or to the Service Desk.

How can I block an email address?

You can block individual email addresses or entire domains (e.g via the MySpam website ( See How to Use MySpam.

How can I check if a legitimate email has been blocked?

At times, acceptable emails may be blocked as spam; these can also be managed from the MySpam website ( See How to Use MySpam.

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