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Video Linked Teaching Technical FAQ

Target Audience: Information Technology Services staff


Bookings and use




Booking and use

How do I check if the VLT rooms are available and how do I book them?

Bookings may be viewed in the Timetable via OneMassey at any time.

See "How do I find and book a room? for more information.

To make a booking, visit the 2018 Timetable in OneMassey and click on bookings then find and book.

What do I need to do before using the VLT rooms for the first time?

You need to:

  • View the important information and room setup documents from the ITS VLT web site:
  • For teaching and learning, request professional development from the Centre for Teaching and Learning VLT web site:

It is essential that you have people in each room to arrange the furniture during the 30 minute setup session prior to your booking. Note that the Technical Facilitator is not tasked to rearrange furniture; they will be too busy setting up the video conferencing connection to assist with the tables.

Do I need to separately book a technical facilitator when booking the rooms?

Your booking confirmation will show whether an ITS Technical Facilitator has been assigned.  If so, they will be there during the 30 minute setup session to help you connect. The facilitator will stay for the duration of classes to assist with setup changes.

For all other sessions (including meetings) it is expected that a single room pre-set will be used and that the ITS Service Desk can be called for support once the sessions starts. on ext 82111.

For special events, please contact the ITS Service Desk to request a facilitator to stay throughout the session.

How do I make the resident computer running  Starboard software connect to the interactive white board (IWB)?

When Starboard software runs on a computer, it checks to see if there is a suitably licensed interactive projector attached to the USB port of the computer.  You can force the Starboard software to check by selecting Settings/Starboard/Check Connection from the menu.

If the IWB still does not connect to the PC, then remove the front panel from the lectern, locate the USB connection from the IWB to the Resident computer, unplug the USB connector from the PC and reconnect it after 15 seconds.  (Note: the IWB uses a USB – UTP extender due to the distance between the IWB and the computer; the yellow UTP cable is labelled as IWB USB and is plugged into a black UTP-USB adaptor).

Why do we have to attend a 30 min set up period?

The VLT rooms are innovative, interactive teaching spaces with flexible seating that are video linked. At least 20 minutes is needed before the students arrive to:

  • Set up the seating to ensure that you and your class are all in camera and that the eye lines work
  • work with the technical support staff to set up the cameras and other IT equipment in the room that you wish to use

Why can I not book meetings in the rooms, when Academic Board has a standing meeting in the room?

These rooms are in the teaching timetable and subject to the Universities timetable policy, which first lays down recurring weekly sessions that continue throughout the semester. In addition it was recognised that these new innovative, interactive, flexible, video linked teaching spaces would require a regular slot to accommodate professional development and practice sessions for academic staff new to the rooms, as well as technical training and a maintenance slot for support staff. The business case approved for the project included a Wednesday slot from noon – 4pm to provide for these activities as well as the Academic Board meetings to assist with the monitoring and promotion of innovative, flexible learning spaces as part of our vision statement to provide an exceptional and distinctive learning experience at Massey for all students.


Where can VLT room users go to find information?

 For information about bookings and using the equipment in the VLT rooms, try:

What do I need to do to book a VLT room?



I cannot see the output from a camera. What's wrong?

Check the blue status lights on the HDMI extenders (Kordz brand UTP-HDMI converter) located on a shelf half way up AV rack.  A rapidly flashing LED indicates that a camera has lost its connection to the codec.

  1. Unplug the HDMI cable from the converter.
  2. Plug another HDMI cable into the converter.
  3. Locate an HDMI cable plugged into an HDMI input on the DM Matrix switch (e.g. module 6) and unplug it.
  4. Plug the other end of the cable from the converter into the DM switch input, wait for the blue LED to stop flashing, then unplug the cable again.
  5. Replug the HDMI cables back into their original sockets.  The blue LED should now be on constantly.


The tiling of images on VC1 is wrong, or I cannot add a VC source to a tile; why not?

Occasionally, the tile templates in the VC1 codec need to be reset.  This is automatically done after a codec is turned off and on, but this may not be possible during a class or meeting.Instead, try the following:

  1. Using the control panel, enter Expert Mode.
  2. Select VC1 Setup and press "Tile Setup".  The tile layout templates are recreated in approximately 60 seconds.
  3. Exit Expert Mode by pressing the "Return" button


Why is my control panel (Crestron touch-screen controller) not working?

This issue may have a number of causes. To isolate the cause, try using another control panel, such as the wireless control panel, the lectern control panel, or XPANEL software running on a computer.  If this works then the original panel may be faulty.

Try turning the faulty control panel off then on, allowing 3-4 minutes for the panel to reboot.

If no panels work, then using a PC, ping the network (IP) address of the Crestron MC3 and DIN-AP2 controllers.  If either or both devices are not reachable, then log an incident call with Tier 3 support.

As a workaround, you may power the controllers off then on.  they will take a few minutes to reinitialise.

What do I do during and/or after the system has been rebooted?

The Radvision codec does not restart automatically after the power has been restored, and must be turned on manually.  From the rear of the rack, locate the RADVision XT1200 codec and press the power button (see diagram):


How can presentations from a video conference endpoint that is not part of a VLT room be shown to all participants?

The presentation from the call needs to be added to a tile layout, at the site that is bridging the call (e.g. if you are using an "M3" preset layout, then Manawatu is bridging the call).  The layout then needs to be sent to all calls/participants.

See the technical guides for further information information.

How do I turn off the self-view (Picture-in-Picture) image on VC2Output1 (RADVision codec)?

The RADVision codec includes an option to display a self-view image by adding a Picture-in-Picture or a Picture-by-Picture image to the display. There are 4 possible layouts: No self-view (which is the usual setting), Picture-in-Picture, Picture-by-Picture (two same-size images), and Picture-by-Picture (self-view image is smaller). To remove the self-view image using the control panel:

  1. Enter Expert Mode.
  2. Select VC2 Setup.
  3. Click repeatedly on the "PIP" button until the self-view picture disappears.
  4. Click on the Return button to exit Expert Mode.

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