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What is NVivo?

NVivo is software that helps you to work with unstructured information such as documents, surveys, audio, video and pictures. Full details are available at:

What type of licence is available?

  • Massey has an annual site licence for NVivo. 
  • The site licence is provided on a “cost recovery” basis i.e. it is purchased by the University and then on-sold to users. 
  • The licence itself runs from mid–February to the following mid-February.
  • Individual licences are for one year, from the date of purchase, except for licences purchased from ITS via private credit card - these expire mid-February of the year following purchase (Note: See below for options on buying perpetual licences for private (home computer) use.)
  • The Massey licence allows NVivo to be installed on any Massey-owned desktop computer, including those in the student computing labs, and to the home (private) machines of staff or students.

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Can I buy my own perpetual (on-going) licence?

Yes.  You can purchase NVivo directly from the QSR web site for home use, using a private (non-Massey) credit card.  Various options are available. 

Home use licences cannot be purchased for use on Massey-owned equipment or via Massey credit cards - licences for use on Massey machines must be purchased via ITS.  See below for details on purchasing a licence for work (Massey) use.

See for purchase details.  Check out the currency options - the software is available in a range of currencies and it may be cheaper to purchase the licence in a currency other than Australian dollars (the default), depending on the current exchange rates.

I only need NVivo for one month.  Do I still need to buy a licence?

QSR offer a free 30-day trial version of NVivo.  This is the full product version.  If you then want to continue to use NVivo you either purchase a Massy licence or you purchase a perpetual licence.

If you download the free version for 30 days' use and then request a licence from ITS the full annual licence fee applies.

I am a post-graduate student.  Can I use the site licence version of NVivo on my home machine?

Yes, the site licence can be used by post-graduates, staff and undergraduates.

Note:  ITS can only accept departmental purchase orders raised via the TechOne system for installations to Massey-owned machines.  This licence can be used on home and Massey-owned computers, but the same licence must only be active on one machine at any one time.

I am an extramural student.  Can I use NVivo on a machine owned by the company I work for?

No.  NVivo must only be installed onto machines owned by Massey University, or are privately owned by the individual.  This applies to all NVivo users.

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How do I install NVivo?

Note:  If a licence for NVivo has been purchased you can install via media or the web.  The Service Desk automatically emails details on installing via the web - the email also says how to request media if this is preferred.

NVivo can be downloaded at any time from the supplier's web site at no charge.  It will work for 30 days, after which a licence must be purchased either from ITS or from the supplier to continue using the software.

To install NVivo from the web download, go to and follow the instructions. 

If you are installing the site licence version you will be provided with download details and the Licence Key when you provide payment details to the Service Desk.

The site licence version must be installed to Massey-owned equipment or private (home) computers only - it must not be installed to computers owned by other organisations.

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Can I install NVivo on my work and home computer?

Yes.  NVivo can be installed on home computers, but it can only be used on one machine at any one time. If you had a laptop at home and a desktop computer at work, and wanted another person to use NVivo on your laptop while you’re using the desktop copy, this contravenes the licence agreement.

The licence does not cover installation to computers owned by other organisations, even if you intend to use the licence for Massey purposes.

Can I use NVivo on a Mac?

Yes, however the Mac version does not have the same feature set as the Windows version. More information can be found on the QSR website

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I don't know how to use NVivo - who can help me?

ITS can assist with installation issues but not usage enquiries, requests etc. 

You should talk to your supervisor or contact the supplier (QSR International).  Training courses are run occasionally by QSR - you need to contact QSR about these, or they may be advertised via IT News or on the ITS training web pages.

There are training guides available on the QSR web site (, for example under the Quick Links section of the QSR home page.

Is there a Massey users forum for NVivo?

There is a mailing list for NVivo users - it is used, in general, to advertise when the licence renewal is due, upcoming training, changes to the licence etc.  Subscribers do occasionally email usage-type queries to the list.  If you wish to subscribe to the list please send an email to: with the message: subscribe nvivo-users

Are there other products available?

Some Massey staff have used AtlasTI.  ITS have no details on this product.  The web site is:

This product is not provided by ITS.

ITS is not sure if other products currently available (e.g. SAS, SPSS, Minitab) have any of NVivo's functionality.

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