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Harassment Contact People Profiles


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Mary-Ellen Imlach
Telephone: +64 (04) 801 5799 Ext: 63679
Office: Museum Building - 10B27.

Hi I'm Mary-Ellen Imlach. I am a lecturer in the Fashion Design Department in the College of Creative Arts and I am based at the Wellington Campus in the Museum Building. I am committed to ensuring that we are able to study and work in an environment free from harassment and have been a contact person for a few years.

Matthijs Siljee
Telephone: +64 (0)21 254 3247
School of Design, College of Creative Arts, Industrial Design Building, Block 11.

As a Senior Lecturer, and Assistant Head, in the School of Design, I find that students and staff depend on a culture of trust.  Everyone should be able to function (learn, teach, work) in a positive environment, where problems can be resolved with good outcomes for all.   I am happy to help anyone in resolving harassment issues in a confidential way, and have experience of so doing.

Kevin Veale

Dr. Kevin Veale
Telephone: +64 (04) 801 5799  ext. 63569

Office: 7C44, Level C (ground floor), Block 7.

I am a Lecturer in Media Studies in the School of English and Media Studies. My belief is that everyone should have equal access to the opportunities presented by higher education. People who are interested in listening, and in doing what they can to make all of the challenges and problems people face when fighting harassment and abuse easier, have a big impact on helping people be willing to come forward and I believe myself to be such a person.

Emma Liu
Telephone: +64 (04) 979 3762 ext 63762.

Office: MAWSA Office, Level 2, Block 9, Student Central Building, Entrance E.

I am the Student Advocate at MAWSA on Wellington Campus and the go-to person for students in need of support academically, socially and financially. I work closely with MAWSA’s Student Voice Coordinator, Education Vice President and Welfare Vice President to promote student well-being and I offer financial guidance and support, food parcels, free food to all Massey students, and can just be a sounding board when things get tough.

What we allow is what will continue. There should be zero tolerance for harassment.
It is important to address the experience with involved persons in order to help the complainant move forward in life in a positive manner, and to push a stop button on the offensive side.

It is equally important to stop harassment at an early stage before it gets more serious and causes more harm on people. There needs to be available support and guidance for the persons involved, from someone trustworthy and approachable, a good listener and protects the confidentiality of all parties.

With the #MeToo movement, harassment is no longer as stigmatised a matter as before.
The Harassment Contact People (HCP) can provide an accessible platform for related issues to be properly addressed. This will lead to better progress for the individuals who experience harassment, and on the wider scale socially.

I aim to help build resilience and rapport amongst staff and students, encourage open dialogue and communication, provide a safe space for anyone to come forth,
and work with others to help minimise discrimination and promote equity at Massey.

I'm in my office Monday – Friday 9:30~3:30pm, and can be reached at 04 979 3762 ext 63762. For those in Wellington, I am happy to receive any drop-in visits at the MAWSA office. My address is Level 2, Block 9, Student Central Building, Entrance E, Massey University but don’t hesitate to email me anytime at:

Mary Hutchinson

Mary Hutchinson
Telephone: +64 (0)4 801 5799 extension 63775

Office: Level 2, Student Services Trust Building

I am a Volunteer Associate Chaplain on Massey Wellington's campus, Wednesdays & Thursdays, working as part of the wider Chaplaincy Team. I am a retired GP having previously worked in the Health & Counselling Service on campus.

I am keen to see levels of harassment reduced for all across our community, and want to support those who have experienced this in any way.

I can be contacted on my two days on campus by phoning 04 801 5799 extension 63775, or emailing Also, on these days, I am often around supporting the Koha Coffee Club in CoLab, Level 2, Block 9, or in the Student Lounge, Level 1, above Tussock.

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