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Influenza (Flu) vaccine - national shortage

Unfortunately there is a national shortage of the influenza vaccine.  It is very unlikely that New Zealand will be able to obtain any more supplies and Health & Counselling in Auckland no longer have any in stock.

For more information please visit

Measles Alert

If you have any of these symptoms:

* Fever          * Rash

* Cough         * Runny Nose

* Red Eyes    * Sore Throat

Please phone the Nurse at Health + Counselling on 09 2136700 or contact your own GP.

For more information see Auckland Regional Public Health


- Have you heard of MMR (measles, mumps and rubella)?

- Did you know there has been a measles OUTBREAK?

- Are YOU protected?

- Contact your GP for a FREE immunisation or further information.


It is particularly important to use physical methods of protection when UV radiation is highest.  In New Zealand, this is between 11am and 4pm during daylight saving months.

Physical methods of UV protection:

  • shade
  • broad-brimmed hats
  • clothing covering the arms, legs and trunk
  • appropriate sunglasses (close fitting, wrap-around glasses that meet the Australian/New Zealand Standard AS/NSZ1067)

Did you know that sunscreens have expiry dates?  Discard sunscreen that has passed its expiry date or if it has been exposed to high temperatures or has changed colour or consistency.  Apply sunscreen 20-30 minutes before going outdoors and re-apply every 2 hours or more often if you are swimming or sweating.

Check your skin regularly.  Where to look:

  • head, scalp, neck and ears
  • trunk:  front, back and sides
  • arms, armpits, hands, fingers and nails
  • buttocks, legs and feet

Book an appointment at the Health & Counselling Centre for a skin check with the Doctor.


What is Autism?

An Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD) is a life-long developmental disability which affects approximately 1 in 100 New Zealanders.  Because of the differing degrees of severity and variety of symptoms, the term ASD is used to include everybody in the range including those with Aspergers Syndrome.

People on the ASD spectrum have difficulty making sense of the world.  They often have problems with social and communication skills.  Although people on the ASD spectrum may appear aloof or indifferent, many would like to have social relationships.  Some people struggle to recognise social cues such as being able to read and make sense of facial expressions.  Some experience hypo-sensitivity or hyper-sensitivity to the outside world e.g. sounds, light, touch, smell.

Imagine trying to make sense of the world if you cannot read people expressions, tone of voice, or other social cues.  You would not know for example, if people were becoming angry with you!  People could become more and more angry or uncomfortable and if you don't know, then you wouldn't be alerted to change your behaviour.  The world could seem quite a frightening/unpredictable/confusing place if people (without warning) started yelling at you or walking away.

Many "Aspies" and others on the spectrum have special abilities e.g. with music, mathematics, technology etc.

Famous people who are "Aspies" include:

Satoshi Tasjiri - creator and designer of Pokemon

Daryl Hannah - actress

Clay Marzo - American professional surfer

Raymond Thompson - New Zealand scriptwriter and TV producer

Phillipa "Pip" Brown (aka Ladyhawke) - indie rock musician

Adam Young - multi-instrumentalist, producer and the founder of the electronic project Owl City

Meningococcal C

Look out for these symptoms:

Meningococcal Symptoms

A rash may also occur with some forms of meningitis.  You can test whether a rash is caused by meningococcal bacteria, by pressing a glass against it.  If you can still see the rash through the glass, there's a high chance that it's a meningococcal rash.

"Don't let Meningococcal C get in the way!" Meningococcal C (406 KB)

Meningitis website:


This vaccine is available through our clinic.  Costs are from $65 for PHO Enrolled students and from $75 for International students, Casual patients and Staff. Please speak to one of our Nurses for further details, ph: 09 2136700.

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