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For details phone 09 2136700, or call in to Student Central, Level 2.

Quit Smoking  

  • Make today the beginning of your smoke free life.
  • Help to quit is easily available.
  • Make a 1/2 hour appointment with the nurse at your Health & Counselling Centre to discuss your options.

COST: Students PHO enrolled FREE
All others $5 - $10


Free Sexual Health Screening

All students registered as PHO patients are eligible for free sexual health related consultations e.g. smears, STI checks, contraception advice, ECP, condoms etc.

Study/Work/Life Balance

University study involves time pressure on our already busy lives. Planning and organisation skills can help to reduce stress and give you a greater sense of achievement.

Using a time schedule and master list of assignments and exam dates will help you to make realistic priorities to get the most important things done first.

In creating balance, remember to include the other aspects of your life - relationships, work, exercise, healthy eating, fun and spirituality.

Download your copies of time schedules here: Timetable (53 KB) Do you have the time required to complete your study? (63 KB)

Find out about the resources available for download on our Resource index page.

The Balance Program

The group is designed for students who are either on the ASD spectrum or who have on-going mental health conditions.  The emphasis is on balancing study with mental wellbeing.  This free weekly group is to support student success and provide a sense of belonging on campus.  Topics include:

  • Mindfulness
  • Time Management
  • Managing Difficult Emotions
  • Core Communication Skills
  • Dealing with Distress
  • Preparing for exams, transitions in between semesters

Email: Jenni Beckett @  for further details. 


The Anxiety Group

This free 10 week programme provides help and support for people who have anxiety disorders.  Interested or want more information?  Contact Jenni @

LGBTQ Support

We offer non-judgmental support, resources and information for students who are questioning sexuality and gender identity.  Health + Counselling have counsellors who have experience in these issues and the possible subsequent feelings of fear, anxiety or even shame.  If you have any queer-related problems at University, or any homophobic or trans phobic behaviour that has resulted in your feeling unsafe or uncomfortable, please contact us for support and advocacy. 

CONTACT: or call 09 2136700 for more information or for a confidential conversation with a counsellor or gay support person.

Coping with Life

Stressed out by family, friends, study, relationships, self? The next "Managing Stress for Success" closed 6 week group begins March and August 2019.  Group numbers will be limited to the first 10 students, so enrol early to avoid disappointment. The focus will be:

  • Causes, effects of stress and better stress management
  • Lifestyle balance
  • Assertiveness
  • Mindfulness
  • Challenging unhelpful thoughts and feelings
  • Sleep hygiene

Comments from students who have attended the group: 

"This has really helped me with all aspects of my life and I don't think I will ever forget it." 

"This has been a really great course.  Very comprehensive and useful with so much practical stuff.  Great group environment."

If you would like your name added to the list to be contacted once dates are secured, email Theresa Martinovich today @ or

Massey Monday Midday Meditation

Every Monday, all staff and students are invited to attend a 30 minute guided meditation session held in the mini-theatre, based in the Library.  12.00pm start (every Monday except holidays).  No need to book.  Simply attend when you can.  No previous meditation experience required.  Any enquiries to

Koru Mindfulness

Learn mindfulness and meditation by joining our 4 week class, beginning in March and August 2019.  Mindfulness will assist you to better concentrate on your studies, be less anxious and judgemental, while increasing calmness and tolerance.

This group programme is aimed at improving academic performance and enhancing psychological wellbeing.  This mindfulness programme was designed and researched specifically for university students and teaches a range of meditations.  Over the four weeks (meeting weekly for 1.5 hours) you will learn core mindfulness techniques to help lower stress and anxiety, improve concentration and help you overcome procrastination.

"Mindfulness has given me a toolkit to manage my stress".

For information, enrolment, or questions about this group, contact Theresa . Alternatively, phone our reception staff on 09 213 6700 or complete our intake assessment form under Counselling Services.

YOU are the key to Cancer and Genital Warts Prevention

Facts about Human Papilloma Virus (HPV)

  • Human Papillomavirus (HPV) the most common sexually transmitted infection (STI) in the world.

  • 80% of unvaccinated adults will have an HPV infection at some point and because in most people it causes no symptoms it is unavoidably shared mainly through sexual (including oral) skin to skin contact.

  • HPV can cause cancers in both men and women. Including cervical, vaginal, vulvar, anal, penile, and throat cancer.

  • HPV also causes genital warts.

  • Partners who have been together tend to share HPV. There is no way to know which partner transmitted HPV.

  • There is no HPV test to check HPV status. This means there is no test that can help answer the questions “Do I have HPV?”, “Does my partner have HPV?”, “Has my HPV gone?”, “Can I have the vaccine?”

Facts about HPV9 (Gardasil 9) vaccination

  • The HPV vaccine (Gardasil 9) is licenced for use in NZ for use in NZ. It’s protects against 9 type of HPV virus which causes cancers and genital warts.

  • Almost all HPV infections that cause abnormal cells and cancer can be prevented by the HPV vaccine. It is highly effective.

  • The vaccine is very safe and no different from other common vaccines. The most common side effect is soreness at the injection site.

  • The Vaccine Has Been Shown To Be Safe In Pregnant Women. No birth defects are associated with the vaccine. Specific congenital abnormalities reported in the clinical trials and subsequent studies are the same in both vaccinated and non-vaccinated groups.

  • Completing the primary vaccination course (3 doses) is expected to offer lifelong protection.

  • Men and Women aged 17 to 26 years inclusive can receive HPV vaccination FREE as part of the Ministry of Health’s HPV Immunisation Programme.

  • People outside the funded groups and international students can pay for the vaccine.

Vaccination And Safer Sex Practices

In addition to HPV vaccination it is also recommended that men and women continue to protect their sexual health by:

  • Limiting their number of sexual partners.

  • Using a condom every time for any casual sexual encounter and with a new partner.

  • Getting a sexual health check done before having sex with a new partner and after any unprotected sex. It’s simple and well worth your time. 

p.s.    Vaccination is not a substitute for cervical screening. Women should still get regular cervical smear screening tests.

Click here HPV Vaccine Info in Chinese (19 KB)   for HPV information in Chinese.

Please make your appointment with the Nurse.

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