10 signs a friend is struggling

University can be a stressful time, so what can you be on the lookout for to know if your friends need extra help or support?

Coping with traumatic incidents

A traumatic incident is any event that has a stressful impact sufficient to overwhelm your usual coping strategies. Traumatic incidents are usually sudden and shocking, and outside the range of ordinary human experience.

Coping with a traumatic incident (286 KB)

Suicidal feelings

We are told that New Zealand has one of the highest youth suicide rates in the world. Unfortunately, this may mean that someone close to you (or even you) may have suicidal feelings.

Suicidal feelings (469 KB)

Keeping spiritually safe

Coming to university presents really good opportunities to grow and mature, as well as to further our knowledge. This can also include an exploration of your spiritual side.

Keeping spiritually safe (1,292 KB)

Recognising and referring at-risk students

Being at university is a unique, challenging and stressful experience. Most students experience stress during the course of their university career, and while many cope successfully, others may need some support.

Recognising students at risk (298 KB)

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