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Choosing a career or major
Confused, unmotivated or unsure? Many people feel this way when faced with choosing a career or a major. So what can you do?

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Mature students
Look around your university campus and you'll notice that you are by no means alone if you are a mature (over 25 years old) student. Whether you have returned to study to advance your career, begin a new one or enter the workforce, we have useful advice on getting the best out of your studies.

Mature students (121 KB)

How did you feel on your first day of uni? Excited, nervous, all revved up and ready to go, motivated to do well? Did you start off well, attending all lectures, making full notes and doing extra reading? Now fast forward a few months...

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Are you a perfectionist? Do you feel that what you accomplish is never good enough? Do you often put off handing in completed assignments or projects because they're not quite right?

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Procrastination is avoiding things which need doing. It is doing other things when we should be on task and working. So what can you do when you catch yourself procrastinating?

Procrastination (585 KB)

The ability to concentrate, or to give something our undivided attention, is a very useful attribute for students. As adults, we're able to pay attention to tasks for considerably longer than children can (the average 3 year-old is said to have a concentration span measured in seconds!).

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