Anxiety and stress resources

How would you describe what it’s like to feel anxious? Is it a feeling of fear, a nervousness in the pit of your stomach, or worrying thoughts racing around your head keeping you awake at night?

Anxiety can present in many forms or a combination of physical, emotional and mental symptoms. Anxiety usually causes us to want to avoid whatever is making us uncomfortable, however, unfortunately when it comes to anxiety avoidance often makes it worse rather than better. Anxiety can also be crippling if it becomes chronic and can inhibit our day-to-day functioning.

If you struggle with anxiety, explore some of these resources to discover ways to understand and respond to anxious thoughts and feelings:

Video and audio

Stress less

Ever get that feeling that stress is just getting on top of you, leading to physical symtoms like sleep disruption, mental symptoms like foggy thinking and difficulty staying on task? Watch and find out what is happening to your body and brain when you are under too much stress and what you can do to stress less.

Presenter: Nicky Rees

Adobe Connect presentation

PDF brochures

What is anxiety?

Anxiety affects our whole being. It affects how we feel, how we behave, and has very real physical symptoms.

What is anxiety (132 KB)

Managing stress

Stress is a response that's created when we react to particular events.

Managing stress (131 KB)

Panic attacks

Panic attacks are an extreme form of anxiety but occur at unexpected times, often leaving sufferers afraid of venturing out in public.

Panic attacks (143 KB)

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