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There are a wide range of what can be called depressive symptoms. These include feeling helpless or hopeless, lacking enjoyment in life, lacking in energy and motivation, sleep disruption and changes in weight or appetite. There are also many and varied reasons why you might experience depression, and if you are struggling with any of these things it can help to talk to a doctor and a counsellor.  

While you're here, do check out the links to other websites. These sites have information that helps us to understand and manage depressive symptoms. They do not however take the place of medical and counselling help so don't hesitate to access the face to face support available.

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When overwhelm becomes overwhelming

When our own and other peoples’ expectations of us continue to push us on to do more, harder, faster and better these expectations can easily overwhelm. So much is going on it becomes hard to keep the main thing as the main thing! This seminar focuses on how we recognise and manage early symptoms of overwhelm before they escalate, and how to manage overwhelm if we don’t recognise them in time!

Presenter: Mark Rainier

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Am I depressed?

We all have times when we feel down. It’s normal to feel sad when relationships end, a good friend moves away or someone we care about dies, but what happens when the feelings don't go away.

Am I depressed? (101 KB)

Managing depression

Depression is a period of low mood, sometimes following a period of stress or bereavement. Occasionally it seems to 'appear from nowhere' but there are some ways that symptoms can be managed.

Managing depression (163 KB)

Dealing with low self-esteem

Low self-esteem is about not valuing ourselves as human beings. It can also be called low self-image.

Dealing with low self-esteem (904 KB)

Dealing with anger

We often tend to think about anger as a negative emotion that is 'bad' or 'wrong', but in fact anger can be both positive and helpful.

Dealing with anger (677 KB)

I just can't sleep

Sleep is not merely a passive switching off; it is an active process involving functions such as energy conservation, and the restoration of brain tissue.

I just can't sleep (535 KB)

Suicidal feelings

We are told that New Zealand has one of the highest youth suicide rates in the world. Unfortunately, this may mean that someone close to you (or even you) may have suicidal feelings.

Suicidal feelings (469 KB)

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