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What's ok and what isn't when it comes to alcohol and drugs? Many university students find themselves working out how they want to behave in relation to alcohol and recreational drugs having left home and starting a new phase of their life.

Many handle this transition fine. But what about those for whom drinking becomes a problem, or those who struggle with drug taking that is affecting their academic performance.

If you're struggling with these or any alcohol or drug related issues, come and talk to someone at one of our Student Counselling service, or check out the information below:

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Alternatives to just not drinking

Under stress or in a routine of binge drinking it can be difficult to make a change when all you know is the advice 'just stop'. This seminar explores what is risky drinking and how to make changes that will reduce the harm to your study, social reputation, finances and health.

Presenter: Ann Flintoft

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Alcohol and drinking

A little of it may be good for us, but alcohol abuse and addiction can have disastrous effects on our health, relationships and work or study.

Alcohol and drinking (103 KB)


Cannabis is a Class C controlled drug, and occasional recreational use of a small amount of cannabis is unlikely to cause health problems, but higher or more frequent doses can.

Cannabis (133 KB)

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