Grief and bereavement resources

Grief has been described as something that comes on in waves. At times, often just after whatever has happened to cause the grief and loss, the waves are so big and strong that you are swirled and dumped by them. It's hard to catch your breath, and you feel disoriented. Gradually over time the waves lessen, but you can still get caught out by a freak wave that knocks you over.

Grief happens when we lose something, whether it is expected loss or something that completely sideswipes us. Grief is what happens as we adjust to a new way of being without the treasured person, thing or way of being. Grief is normal and necessary but can feel abnormal and terrorising.

Have a look around this section to find resources and links to help with grief and bereavement.

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Coming to grief

Grief is a normal reaction to loss and is something that we will all encounter at some time in our lives. How we understand it will affect how we respond to it. This seminar will explore how grief affects us, and may be helpful if you or someone you know is dealing with grief.

Presenter: Lynley Hayward

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Losing someone special

When you came to university, one of the last things that would have been on your mind was losing someone special…

Losing someone special (122 KB)

How to cope when your partner leaves  

Being in a meaningful relationship with someone means an investment in the relationship and in each other, so if your partner decides to leave it can be an extremely difficult time.

How to cope when your partner leaves (107 KB)

coping with a traumatic incident 

A traumatic incident is any event that has a stressful impact sufficient to overwhelm your usual coping strategies.

Coping with a traumatic incident (286 KB)

I just can’t sleep

Sleep is not merely a passive switching off; it is an active process involving functions such as energy conservation, and restoration.

I just can't sleep (535 KB)

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