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Our relationships are an important integral part of our lives, from casual acquaintances to work colleagues, from shy beginnings in a group assignment to meeting the one who will become your partner, our lives are made up of interactions with other people.

Nurturing relationships bring us joy. Difficult relationships evoke painful feelings. Relating well with people is something that can have a significantly positive effect on our lives.

Read on for ideas about assertiveness, flat sharing, making friends and reducing conflict.

How to be assertive

Assertiveness is about being able to say no, having your boundaries and limits respected, getting your needs met and keeping yourself safe.

How to be assertive (132 KB)

Suicidal feelings

We are told that New Zealand has one of the highest youth suicide rates in the world. Unfortunately, this may mean that someone close to you (or even you) may have suicidal feelings.

Suicidal feelings (469 KB)


Knowing how to listen is important for any effective communication. Whether in a lecture, tutorial, presentation or conversation on you need to be able to focus on what the person wants to say and what they are asking from you.

Listening (141 KB)

How to cope when your partner leaves  

Being in a meaningful relationship with someone means an investment in the relationship and in each other, so if your partner decides to leave it can be an extremely difficult time.

How to cope when your partner leaves (107 KB)

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