Relationship video and audio resources

Ready, set, go to work

There is life after Massey! If this, for you, is a move into employment what might you do to make the move as smooth as possible? What’s important in career choice? What do employers want to see? This seminar offers answers to these questions.

Presenter: John Ross

Life is a balancing act

As a student you’re always negotiating pressures and demands – study, work, relationships and so on. This seminar will present strategies to help you stay balanced, manage stress and cope more effectively in a balanced way with the demands of university life.

Presenters: Karilyn Andrew & John Ross

Sexual health

Sometimes it seems as if the whole world is having sex. The truth is, some people are and some people aren’t – and it doesn’t make anyone better or cooler if they do. This informative seminar offers strategies for staying safe while still enjoying sex.

Presenters: Tracey Bentall

Mind the gap - managing expectations

Becoming a university student can be a challenge, and you might have many questions before you get started. However, no matter how many questions you ask, you only get to know how things really are once you’re there. This seminar offers supportive advice on how to manage the difference between what you thought was going to happen and what actually happens; and how to seek clarity, and gain the confidence to make the changes necessary to succeed academically.

Presenter: Natalie Benquet

Alternatives to 'just not drinking'

Under stress or in a routine of binge drinking it can be difficult to make a change when all you know is the advice “just stop”. This seminar explores what is risky drinking and how to make changes that will reduce the harm to your study, social reputation, finances and health.

Presenter: Ann Flintoft

Diversity on campus

Diversity is a challenge and something we cannot ignore or accept uncritically. Diversity is present all around us. What might we need to be taking account of in order to enhance the social and educational benefits diversity can bring to the university experience?

Presenter: Dr Bronwyn Campbell

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