Wellbeing video and audio resources

We've collected together a range of useful resources to help you improve your wellbeing now as you study, and equip you with these skills for life.

Life is a balancing act

As students you’re probably constantly negotiating between different pressures and demands – study, work, relationships and so on. This seminar on balance will present strategies to help you stay balanced, manage stress and cope more effectively with the demands of university life.

Presenters: Karylin Andrew and John Ross

Let's get physical

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A taste of mindfulness

Research shows mindfulness skills are very effective. For university students it can help to ‘sharpen the mind’ and enhance academic success, as well as reduce anxiety, low mood, ‘over-thinking’ and the dwelling on unhelpful thoughts, events or feelings. This brief seminar introduces some of the foundation ideas underpinning the practice of mindfulness.

Presenter: Angela Baker

Weathering winter

The physical, mental and emotional demands of study can impact negatively on physical health. This seminar aims to provide you with some helpful general health advice on staying healthy over the winter flu season: what to do if you are unwell, when to seek medical treatment and what to do if you are unwell during exam time.

Presenter: Lisa Curruthers

Self-esteem: A mindfulness approach

Mindfulness is a specific way of training our attention to be aware of what is happening within us and around us, at any given moment. When we are mindful we can develop the skills to stay connected to the present and to recognize when we are thinking negatively about ourselves and when and how these thoughts are controlling our actions and feelings.

Presenter: Angela Baker

Good food mood

What we eat or don’t eat influences how we feel and impacts on our mental and physical energy levels. Maintaining a reasonably consistent energy level means you are more able to study and concentrate effectively and handle the stresses of heavy study loads. This seminar presents the basics of food and mood, with dietary suggestions to get you started and keep you going.

Presenters: Karilyn Andrew, Lisa Carruthers & Lynley Hayward

Health at every size

Health at Every Size (HAES) is a health-centred initiative that is challenging society’s fixation with weight loss and dieting behaviour, and shifting focus to promoting health and healthy lifestyles through respect for one’s body. The aim of HAES is to encourage acceptance and respect for body size and shape diversity.

Presenter: Dr Cat Pausé

Here with you

Important and often overlooked aspects of wellbeing are positive social connections and personal relationships. Being a student who is in a relationship can be stressful, especially if your partner is not a student, or is living far away. Some of the common relationship problems will be outlined with strategies to deal with them.

Presenter: David Coomber

Spirituality and life

'Cultural theories of everyday life support the realisation that daily activities can become wonderful and mysterious when the spiritual dimension is realised' (Jane Bone, 2007). In this seminar spirituality will be discussed using the Te Whare Tapa model of wellbeing developed by Dr Mason Durie, as a framework.

Presenters: Dr Ibrahim Al-Bahadly, Dr Douglas Osto, John Pahina, & Paul Stock

Sexual health

Sometimes it seems as if the whole world is having sex. The truth is some people are and some people aren’t – and it doesn’t make anyone better or cooler if they do. This informative seminar will offer strategies for staying safe while still enjoying sex.

Presenter: Tracey Bentall


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